Direct To Video
Films/TV shows that never really made it into the theaters.
Catching Faith
By film’s end, all the problems are nicely resolved. Really? That didn’t even happen for Job. Yes, he was restored, but his children were still dead and in the book God never told Job why he had to endure his suffering.
Taken By Grace
Normally I have trouble with faith-based film companies extending into genres usually geared toward action thriller material. They seldom seem organic, natural. But Taken By Grace worked for me.
Perfect High
Aided by a strong performance by Bella Thorne, it’s in your face with the depiction of a popular/talented/pretty person who spirals downhill beginning with painkillers, then being seduced by even harsher drugs meant to aid emotional as well as physical pains.
Love Finds You In Charm
It has that same gentility…and yes, corniness of all those Janette Oke Love Comes Softly movie series that ran on the Hallmark Channel this past decade. This, like they, is not very challenging, and so predictable.
Turnaround Jake
Hollywood just never runs short of young lead guys willing to go through an entire movie with a four day growth of beard. I’ve discussed this often, but it sums up the shallowness of the production.
The Messengers
My question concerning The Messengers is just how much of God’s Word are we going to get from a series made by CBS and the Warner Bros.?
Killing Jesus
The National Geographic Channel presents Killing Jesus this Sunday, March 29th at 8/7C.
Libera: Angels Sing (Libera in America)
the music stirs the heart both by way of their talent and the talents of the older folk who play the music and the masters who wrote it. Beethoven, Pachelbel, and Schubert are well represented here with Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee, the Canon inspired Sanctus, and Ave Maria.
Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast
Now, I freely admit that I derive the most pleasure from Tink’s tales because my now 9-year-old niece does. But there are two names associated with these DVDs that make this series a pleasure for adults: Disney and Lassiter.
Horse Camp
This one may be an ordeal for older folk (it was for me), but it’s a gentle tale with positive values for little girls who will no doubt also want to go to horse camp some day.
Where Was God?
If problems can’t be escaped no matter how rich, famous, bright or beautiful one may become, then maybe there’s an ethereal reason for these inescapable adversities. Maybe our struggle through toil and trouble is one of the main reasons we are here, for these woes cause us to trust in God.
The Remaining
The most intense, unnerving end-of-times thriller I’ve seen. And I’ve seen them all. Besides leaving you unsettled, The Remaining will also cause an interest in reading the Book of Revelation.
The Reagans: The Legacy Endures
Here’s why I think a younger generation should view this DVD: the speeches. Not only are they filled with a patriotic-laced common sense, but they are delivered by a president who actually means what he says.
Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me
In this amazing showcase, you see a gift doing its best to beat the ravages of an insidious disease. And you see patient love and dedicated care, revealing what’s really important in life, not money, not fame, but love.
In Plain Sight: Stories of Hope and Freedom
Most of us are looking for entertainment when we watch films. That’s their main duty, to entertain us. But occasionally, a film can open our eyes to injustice and sometimes even offer ways in which we can correct such wrongs.
Rumor of Wars
More an actioneer than spiritual motivator, the film lacks much in the way of heart. It lacks punch.
The Red Tent
It’s what every Hollywood producer dreams of - a biblical story that has nothing to do with God. Men are not allowed in the red tent, and neither, evidently, is the Almighty. God isn’t a supporting character in this production, or even an extra.
Field of Lost Shoes
Done from what seems like the perspective of a Southern patriot, where General Grant is the barbarian, this low-budgeted Civil War drama plays out like a made-for-TV film.
An Evergreen Christmas
This filmmaker wants us to feel something, but cinematically he is unable to generate any true emotion. What he does is the same as many a low-budget filmmaker - he jams in one message-laden song after another throughout the production.
It is a potent, well-meaning warning that emphasizes how infidelity will haunt those with a conscious.
A pleasant surprise, Northpole is an entertaining fantasy for the entire family.
Frozen in Time
Hey kids, Frozen in Time is loud, it’s fast-moving, it’s colorful, and it’s silly. It is designed to attract and hold your attention – and let’s face it, grownups who make movies aren’t always thinking about you, are they?
The Three Dogateers
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Or, at least let me count the times I’ve had to endure “family” movies about talking dogs. Actually, it may be fun for little ones.
There is a redeeming factor that makes Hero worth viewing. When a father is presented as a prison inmate desperately seeking a way to relate to his boy, the film slowly reveals substance and an emotional impact.
Ava & Lala on DVD
I’m mixed. I did find this kid-toon creative, and I think the age range it’s aimed at will be pleased with its adventure and the engrossing imagery. That said, I found it a bit too violent.
Amber Alert: Terror on the Highway
It has a kind of made-for-Lifetime TV feel as the producer seems bent on explaining how the Amber Alert system works.  Mr. Berenger stands out among the cast as the frightening and deranged ex-con.
A Long Way Off
More and more faith & family films are hitting the market place. Sadly, not all of them are entertaining, well-made, or spiritually fulfilling. If a film made with the best of Christian intention does not live up to its source material, it’s my job to warn you. So, consider yourselves warned.
The Perfect Summer
The Perfect Summer has that clean quality in common with Chasing Mavericks, but lacks the engaging aspects. It gets approval by some organizations evidently for being sanitary, but since there are several better films that address the same clichés, why not view better efforts?
When Calls the Heart - "The Dance"
There is a quality tthat can’t be denied: a gentleness in the production, with a reverence for the Creator within the storyline and a salute to values that make people, and TV characters, worth knowing
Tyler Perry's Madea's Neighbors from Hell on DVD
Perry is as subtle as a jackhammer, with each and every character going over the top with a wink-wink performance. The writer/director lingers around a scene until he’s absolutely sure the point has been made – and made, and made.
Axel: The Biggest Little Hero
This is for the little, little ones and I’m pleased to say, it should be very satisfying for that demographic. Pleasant voices; vibrant colors; non-taxing movement and editing; action-infused exploits; comic moments to lighten up the frequent perilous situations; and life lessons concerning what makes a real hero.
The Pirate Fairy
So many DVDs geared towards little ones test the endurance of older viewers forced to view alongside little ones. So, it’s a pleasure to be able to spotlight a smart, funny, and positive feature for kids that their older relatives can enjoy along with them. The color, the design, the voices, even the story found in Pirate Fairy represent Disney at its finest.
The Nut Job
While it may hold the attention of those still enchanted by SpongeBob, I pity parents forced to view alongside their pandered-to progeny.
My Name is Paul
All too often, well-meaning filmmakers wishing to deliver a you-need-Jesus theme through the medium of film do so about as subtly as Western Union...
Angels in Stardust
It’s not a bad movie, but just one that never quite manages to become as poignant as it wants to be. As it is, we are left with unanswered questions and an inconclusive moral. Yes, it does have a hopeful ending, but we have to go through a lot of negative to get to one moment of passive possibility.
Let God
Nonlinear and deliberately paced (confusing and slowwww), it’s a kind of character study meant to reveal a woman’s ultimate dependence on God to save her.
The Little Rascals Save the Day
It contains not one speck of charm and only marginally more humor. As for the appeal of the young stars, well, there is none. The jacket cover is deceptive. The photo looks promising.
A Father's Son
Mr. Schneider is a good actor, but the depth needed to truly reveal Landon’s inner demons and struggles could have been more powerfully realized by someone like Joaquin Phoenix. Inner struggle is written all over that actor’s face.
When Calls the Heart: Lost & Found
The production values are all what you’d expect in a Michael Landon Jr. production, and this Little Schoolhouse on the Prairie wannabe is replete with faith-based themes and reminders that communities need to pull together in order for a society to survive and thrive.
The Rape of Europa
The true story of irrepressible gymnastics While The Rape of Europa is educational, there’s also a lot of info to digest in the nearly two-hour-long documentary. But I’ll tell you something, it’s not only provocative and mesmerizing, it’s also timely and a most important film.
Nicky's Family
Nicky’s Family is filled with heart-tugging moments and contains one of the most glorious endings I’ve ever seen in films.
Guess Who's Coming to Christmas
This redo of the prodigal son starts out so made-for-TV that I nearly turned it off. But suddenly, the heart and creativity kicked in (at least for me). It’s a feel good movie, though it takes a while to get there.
The Gabby Douglas Story - A Lifetime Original Movie
The true story of irrepressible gymnastics phenomenon Gabby Douglas, who thrilled the world and captured America’s heart by winning two gold medals in spectacular fashion at the 2012 London Olympics, is coming to the Lifetime Channel on February 1.
King's Faith
All too often, well-meaning filmmakers wishing to deliver a you-need-Jesus message through their film do so about as subtly as a Western Union telegram. King’s Faith is an exception.
Silver Bells
After establishing the fact that the main protagonist has lessons to learn, the film begins to garner our attention and, with a gentle touch, reminds us not just what the season is really all about, but what truly satisfies the heart all year long.
Church Folk Get a Reality Show
... NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC’s new reality TV series, is in many ways like Extreme Home Makeover - except instead of rebuilding homes, these guys are rebuilding churches.
When Calls the Heart
It’s clean, with positive messages about family and endurance, and it contains a respect for religious convictions, with prayers being spoken. But I found it cornball, clunky, and forgettable.
Vividly presented in IMAX, the 43-minute tour of the city on the hill is a gorgeously filmed travelogue, the filmmakers successfully capturing its religious and historic relevance.
You will spot several actors in Doonby who once enjoyed celebrity, but are now best known for supplying supporting roles in movies aimed at the Christian community..
Rushlights, or Implausible as I like to call it, wants to be a Hitchcock thriller, but is troubled with mediocrity, a script riddled with improbable situations, and more connect-the-dots subplots than an NBC soap opera.
This is a film about something. And the last third of the movie is extremely touching and eye-opening. It makes us feel. What’s more, it makes us want to get involved.
Three Faith-Based Films New to DVD
The Book of Esther, Break Away, and The Mark II.
The Confession (DVD)
We are so often pummeled by crudity and sexual exploitation on cable TV that it’s remarkably satisfying to find an inspiring film where right triumphs over wrong...
Meant to Be
Good production values and strong performances from Ms. Eleniak and Bradley Dorsey highlight this Twilight Zone-ish fantasy/drama.
This Is Our Time: To Seize God's Calling
A satisfying, spiritually uplifting drama that has something in common with It’s A Wonderful Life.
The Jesus Boat: WItness to Prophecy
So is this the boat Jesus was on? There’s no way to be sure. But it’s hard to argue the significance of this discovery once the video is viewed.
Revelation Road: The Beginning of the End
Although we could indeed be living in the last times, you need strong film-making elements to reveal end times without coming across as one of those Left Behind films...
Disney's Secret of the Wings
This first episode, and the subsequent sequels to some degree, are beautifully made, engaging and charming. Even to an old guy like me.
The Oogieloves in The BIG Balloon Adventure
It's a fun, kid friendly, interactive movie for kids about friendship and love and stresses the importance of team work and acceptance.
The Heart of Christmas
...reminds us to keep ailing families not just in our prayers, but in our deeds....
Abel's Field
“An inspiring story of faith, friendship and finding hope in unlikely places” debuts on DVD Jan. 22
Five New DVDs That Uplift
Every so often I find a film that not only entertains, but also enlightens. Occasionally one comes along that even contains biblical precepts (not so often).
The Mark
A hijacked plane and a Rapture story all in one. Sounds a little like fodder for the makers of Airplane. But, no, it’s a straight movie. And it has some positives.
St. Roz
Sometimes witty, sometimes irreverent, this boisterous comedy of manners deals with family relationships, forgiveness and seeking the substantial over the frivolous.
Enthusiastic, enlightening and enriching, Monumental is one of the most important documentaries you’ll ever see.
I Am Gabriel
Ultimately, I am to serve you, not a well-intentioned production company. You are the ones who spend the money to buy DVDs or tickets to the movies. So, if I promote a movie I feel is inferior, then I’m not doing my job...
The makers of Escape have managed to blend their spiritual message into an exciting action drama. We get caught up in the writer’s substantive script and the director’s lively pacing, and find ourselves moved by the film’s reality – we do need Christ in our daily lives.
The Genesis Code
This is a thoughtful, perceptive and enlightening view of how we came to be.
Flicka 3: Country Pride
If you’re a female around the age of eight, you probably won’t be comparing this one to National Velvet or The Black Stallion or even Flicka 1.
Love's Everlasting Courage
Hallmark Channel’s captivating saga returns with another touching film based on the best-selling Love Comes Softly series by Janette Oke.
One Kine Day
This film is a conversation starter, for sure, but it’s difficult to find anyone to care about. Both adults and teens are governed by a secular point of view devoid of any spiritual input.
The Greening of Whitney Brown
Aimed at preteen girls, there’s enough slapstick to keep their brothers amused, as well...
Great Expectations
Though this is great storytelling, the production lacks elements found in the 1946 David Lean film adaptation.
The Star of Bethlehem
From the producer of The Passion of the Christ comes a revelatory documentary concerning the world’s most famous star
Well executed, Alleged is a dynamic, involving response to the more bombastic and humanistic Inherit the Wind.
Set in 1920s rural Oklahoma, PEARL is the true story of Pearl Carter Scott, the youngest licensed pilot in American history...
Letters to God Offers Hope
While dealing with a sad reality, the script does contain humor and uplifting themes...
Christy: The Complete Series
Christy’s experiences among the proud people of the unrefined back country force her to grow up quickly and to learn the value of strength, determination and faith...
Little Robots: Reach For The Sky
Creative and lively, Little Robots: Reach For the Sky gets a thumbs-up from 6-year-old David...
Christmas With A Capital C
In the tradition of, say, Hallmark Hall of Fame quality, this has a made-for-TV feel, but in an effective way...
Tim Tebow: Everything in Between
Considered the most celebrated college football player of all time, Tim Tebow’s life is chronicled in the new DVD release...
Breaking the Press
Due to its effort to incorporate the Gospel within the storyline, I find it hard to say what I’m going to say. But the fact is, it’s a mediocre production...
My Run
My Run tells the true story of a man, who chose to run from St. Paul, MN, to the opening ceremonies of the summer Olympics in Atlanta, GA....
Faith Like Potatoes
The unknown cast does a credible job, but what really moved me was the brave yet sensitive presentation of spiritual beliefs...
Recent Releases from Pure Flix Entertainment
Pure Flix Entertainment produces, distributes, acquires and markets Christian and family-friendly film properties...
Dr. Seuss's Holiday on the Loose!
Celebrate that special time of year with Dr. Seuss’ magical stories. Just in time for the gift-giving season...
Apostles of Comedy
With the success of the Thou Shalt Laugh DVD releases, the marketplace has seen the light there is room for Christian comedians...
The Shunning
As we see the law of a religion often taking precedence over the love of Christ, the film cautions us to examine our own faith walk...
9000 Needles
A moving documentary about family and overcoming unimaginable obstacles...
This suspense thriller manages to incorporate elements of The Apprentice into its storyline as well as a gentled-down Saw premise...
More Than Diamonds
Another low budget “delightful adventure” meant to satisfy non-discriminating family members of all ages.
Boathouse Detectives
You can imagine how much I was looking forward to viewing a comedy adventure made for pint-sized people...
The Mystical Adventures of Billy Owens
My nephews, eleven and nine, thought the film was just okay...
Matchmaker Mary
... the DVD is certainly family friendly and will no doubt be appreciated by little girls...
Charlton Heston Presents the Bible and King of Kings
Timed for the upcoming Easter holiday, Warner Home Video will release the critically acclaimed documentary...
Walking on Water
Walking on Water gives us all an involving look at surfer life and more.
Love Finds a Home
Now look, I tear up over Hallmark Hall of Fame commercials, so don’t let the expression “chick flick” cause you to label me a chauvinist...
The Narnia Code
In addition to the simple story layer and the layer of obvious biblical parallels, Ward demonstrates that each Narnia book "declares the glory of God" ...
The Trial
An engaging courtroom drama, complete with moving performances and a subtle spiritual theme...
Christmas in the Clouds
The comedy has to do with mistaken identity and romance set during the holiday season at a ski resort owned and operated by a Native American Nation...
Desert Bayou
Tells the story of 600 African Americans who were airlifted out of New Orleans after the floods of Katrina...
I Am
The Ten Commandments provide the framework for this compelling drama set in the City of Angels...
The Search for Santa Paws
The trouble with being a film critic is when you come across an innocuous kiddie film, you keep thinking of better films aimed at that age group...
The Way Home
The film is a bit sluggish, and the hand-held camera bouncing and weaving in order to cause tension becomes a distraction...
Homeless for the Holidays
I'm sure the film's title is enough of a downer to get the average DVD watcher to pass...
The Mysterious Islands
I've always wondered why, if we came from monkeys in the trees or fish in the ocean, how come there are still monkeys in the trees and fish in the ocean?...
Pure Country 2: The Gift
It's cornier than a Kansas cash crop, with cheesy special effects and laden with countless music video montages...
Preacher's Kid
The makers have tweaked the Prodigal Son parable, updating it by changing the lead's gender...
What If
The film's strength lies in its spiritual moral....
Letters to God
A church film if ever there was one, but done as all church films should be done...
The Least Among You
Both touching and involving, the DVD can be appreciated for good storytelling...
Expecting a Miracle
Though some may have a problem with prayers lifted up to a saint, the film is not about converting us to Catholicism...
Flicka 2
A bit corny in spots, still it's a tried-and-true formula...
Much like Disney's High School Musicals, but with more depth. Good music and strong performances.
Miles from Nowhere
Certainly not as harrowing or spiritually moving as To Save A Life, the film does go beyond the typical teen angst...
Hey, Hey, It's Esther Blueberger
The coming-of-age scenario is fodder for movie studios...
Ice Castles
This remake of the 1978 Lynn-Holly Johnson/Robbie Benson romantic drama concerns a teen girl becoming a championship ice skater.
No Greater Love
I was moved by the film's message and the sincerity of its cast...
The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry
Although it played on 300 theater screens and became one of the top 15 grossing independent theatrical movies of 2009, it got by me...
Soldier Love Story
Pure escapist romantic fare, this could easily be shown on the Lifetime or Hallmark channels...
The imposter
Solemn, at times downright depressing, but powerful. ...
Dangerous Calling
The blend of B-thriller violent imagery within a story steeped in the message of salvation...
Free Style
Aimed at a young audience unfamiliar with productions that have handled teen angst better...
Six: The Mark Unleashed
Not rated, this preachy Armageddon-themed action drama concerns a group of freedom fighters attempting a prison escape...
The Book of Ruth: Journey of Faith
I praise the film for its desire to teach us concerning facing responsibility, putting others before ourselves...
Uncross the Stars
Miss Hershey, in keeping with the flower-power, free-spirit philosophy of her youth, instills in her character a contempt for structured religion...
A Greater Yes
How rare to find a drama that avoids cynicism while showing respect for the intelligence of its intended audience – teens...
In the Blink of an Eye
Taut, unnerving and strangely captivating, it’s a low-budgeted movie with a profound message...
The Perfect Gift
Made by the same filmmakers/stars/crew who gave us Clancy, this production is also church-friendly.
The Velveteen Rabbit and The Village Barbershop
Director Michael Landon, Jr. does what he does best, gives his story a Hallmark Hall of Fame feel.
Thou Shalt Laugh 4
It’s a pleasure to be reminded once again that comedy can be used to edify as well as entertain...
Bullrider documents the victories, defeats, athleticism, camaraderie, courage, heart and faith of famous cowboy athletes...
The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey
With positive messages, including a respect for God and Christ (prayers are spoke...
The Ultimate Gift
The filmmakers attempting the blending of technical and artistic achievement with an infusion of spiritual subject matter...
Greener Mountains
Though the director is skilled, the production is limited, feeling more like a Hallmark Hall Of Fame special...
3:16: Stories of Hope
Lucado’s new film addresses needs and shares with the world what many have not been able to find...
Flywheel: The Director's Cut
Flywheel became a film festival favorite where it won numerous awards...
I saw each episode, with its Twilight Zone-like moral, as a suitable and entertaining vignette for Sunday School or youth group discussions...
As We Forgive
A moving story of reconciliation between survivors and perpetrators of the 1994 Rwandan genocide...
The Complete Love Comes Softly Collection
They are films that entertain and leave you with a lift (like Earl Grey)...
The Christmas Clause
No one sets out to make a bad movie. Or so I’m told. However, my wrath pours forth because of the mystery of why this film got made in the first place...
The Lost and Found Family
The production presents its themes with relevance and clarity: caring for others in order to help you through your own ordeals...
Love Begins on DVD
Melodramatic, yes; set on a dustless frontier, for sure; but the production, like its predecessors, is involving, gently paced...
This family aimed, faith-based drama focuses on Clancy Miller, an abused 12-year-old who runs away...
Love Takes Wing
Another in the series of Janette Oke novels, I enjoyed this film adaptation above the rest...
The Sensation of Sight
Well received at film festivals, this well-mounted production is an offbeat drama about man’s search for meaning...
The Heart of Texas
Produced and directed by Emmy winners Blake Pilgreen and Mitchell Wright, this new to DVD documentary addresses loss and redemption...
The Final Inquiry
Ultimately, the film presents a profound declaration of who Jesus is and the effect He has on friends and foes.
Classic Tale Ballet Shoes
This family presentation concerns three orphaned sisters who overcome adversity...
What Would Jesus Do?
The story is a thought-provoking tale concerning four people, all vowing to walk in the "steps of Jesus."...
Thou Shalt Laugh: The Deuce
Due to the success of Thou Shalt Laugh, (it has outsold every other Christian comedy DVD), bells and whistles have been added to the funny sequel...
The Christmas Blessing
Replete with themes concerning the loss of loved ones and looking out for others when you’re hurting...
Hidden Secrets
I remember thinking when The Big Chill was released, how interesting it would be if there was a Christian version about old friends reunited...
Every Second Counts
Rated PG, this new to DVD family drama from Hallmark Channel concerns a teen cowgirl coping with her family’s financial difficulties...
Gospel Hill
We must listen to that still small voice, our conscious, which can so easily be overruled by self-desires, resentment and fear.
Forever is a poignant meditation on relations between the living and the dead, and the immortal power of art.
This anthology of three short films by different filmmakers deals with themes of transformation, anarchy and rebirth.
Not Easily Broken
The black version of Fireproof, Not Easily Broken’s message has to do with the sanctity of marriage...
They Call Me Bruce?
Like Plan Nine From Outer Space or the films of Paulie Shore, this cult film would be best enjoyed with friends who have had more than just a few brews...
Come What May
And the onslaught begins. Fireproof and Facing the Giants were surprise hits, so now other churches and schools are finding the inspiration...
Dog Days of Summer
A dark thriller with an inspirational message about a mysterious stranger...
Disney's High School Musical 3: Senior Year
The worldwide blockbuster that thrilled kids of all ages is now the entertainment event of 2009..
The unknown cast does a credible job, but what really moved me was the brave yet sensitive presentation of spiritual beliefs...
Just Like The Son
Director Morgan J. Freeman keeps the action lively and injects some tender moments...
Treasure Blind
Cloud Ten Pictures and Koch Entertainment have just released the Newsong Films church-made film on DVD...
100 Voices: A Journey Home
100 Voices is a compelling and moving musical documentary...
Always Will
First-time director Michael Sammaciccia brings a creative parable to DVD...
Thou Shalt Laugh
In an era when laughs are so often mined from anatomical & scatological riffs, here comes a refreshing and, glad to add, funny alternative...
Saving Sarah Cain
It has a made-for-TV feel, and some may refer to it as the homogenized version of Raising Helen...
Disney’s famous fairy gets her own story and children get a real treat...
16 to Life
Though not as shallow as many teen comedies, 16 to Life has a touch of Porky's crudity, and lacks the whimsy of Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
Thou Shalt Laugh 3
The phenomenon began back in 2006 when producers Hunt Lowry and Jonathan Bock took a step of faith and brought forth the proposition that the world was ready for comedy of, by, and for Christians.
Cloud Ten Pictures Present...
The folks who produced the Left Behind series now offer three new DVDs. 
The Adventures of Johnny Tao
Often, “family friendly” means there’s no cussing... but family friendly doesn’t always mean movie quality...
The Case For Faith
Journalist Lee Strobel investigates two of the most emotional objections to Christianity.... Also, read Preview Editor Phil Boatwright's interview with Mr. Strobel.
Theatrical Films and TV To Video
Expanded reviews of Films/TV shows released to video.
American Sniper coming to Blu-Ray and DVD on May 19th

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will donate a portion of the proceeds across physical and digital sales to Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP). One dollar of each purchase will be donated up to $1,000,000 from April 21, 2015 through December 31, 2015, void in Alabama, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Mississippi and South Carolina. To get involved and learn more, visit .

American Sniper will be available on Blu-ray Combo Pack and includes the film in high definition on Blu-ray disc, a DVD, and a digital version of the movie in Digital HD with UltraViolet. Fans can also own American Sniper via purchase from digital retailers. Read our full review HERE.
The Merv Griffin Show DVD Set
On the Mount Rushmore of great American talk-show hosts there's the smiling face of Merv Griffin, the big band singer who became one of the most beloved TV personalities of his time, thanks to his long-running, 10-time Emmy-winning talk show.
When Calls the Heart: Second Chances
There is a quality to these installments that can’t be denied: a gentleness in the production, with a reverence for the Creator within the storyline, and a salute to values that make TV characters worth watching.
Home is Where the Heart Is
Though I would hesitate to call it a spiritually impacting movie, there does seem to a spiritual awareness found in several characters. What the film does share is the need for human support....
Louder Than Words
In the film, the parents attempt to fill their loss with a project. And while this project is a noble one, still there is no representation in the production of the couple or their children seeking comfort through faith.
Old Show Is New Again: Cimarron Strip
Moral messages take center stage and you will always be surprised at who shows up in an episode. Before they reached stardom, people like Robert Duvall, Telly Savalas, Jon Voight and many others did a lot of television. Plus, if you are a real buff of the western, you’ll see countless character actors who appeared in many classic oaters.
The acting is good, the technical aspects all up to standard, and writer/director Andrew Levitas does his best to address the issues of family relationships and assisted suicide. Christians, however, may find the production falling short.
Space Warriors (TV)
A clean film with life lessons, this adolescent-aimed actioneer is engrossing TV entertainment.
This is Martin Bonner
What a surprise; this is one of the best films I’ve seen that includes a spiritual message. The story, dialogue, and performances by the two male leads are simply outstanding.
The Magic of Belle Isle
One of those films that magically came together and yet managed to slip by most moviegoers this past year. But now it’s on DVD and worthy of viewing as we see this central figure, as well as several other characters, finding revelation and salvation.

The Bible, a 10-episode special, was the dream child of Ms. Downey (star of Touched by an Angel) and her husband, Mark Burnett (producer of Survivor). The miniseries met with both critical and audience approval, with the program setting records on the History Channel.
Love's Christmas Journey
This is a hit-and-miss series of movies intended for the Hallmark Hall of Fame channel. The latest has its faults and could certainly be called corny without much argument from me.
From its lively score to the animation process to the vocal characterizations to the wit (occasionally bawdy, but never crude), Disney and Pixar have fashioned a feel-good movie for the family.
The Mystery of Edwin Drood on Masterpiece Theater
On June 8, 1870, Charles Dickens concluded a full-day’s work on his novel and set down his pen. He died the next day, leaving The Mystery of Edwin Drood a mystery indeed. Masterpiece Classic uses clues left by the author himself, together with inspired guesswork, to solve this famous literary puzzle.
Universal Classic Monsters: The Essential Collection
Digitally restored from high resolution film elements in perfect high-definition picture and perfect high-definition sound for the first time ever, Universal Classic Monsters: The Essential Collection brings together the very best of Universal’s legendary monsters.
To Catch a Thief (Blu-Ray) Brother White (TV Movie)
Best Film of 2011
With a tip of the hat to Stanley Kubrik’s 2001, this visual and viscerally emotional feast is sparked by exquisite imagery...
Unanswered Prayers Coming to Lifetime
The film explores the themes of marriage, family, community and second chances with love...
The Rite Movie About Demonic Possession
The Warner Bros release The Rite is a spine-tingling chiller about demonic possession. So, should we be going to such a film?
New Show Deals With Obesity and Faith
Television gets knocked a lot for programming that does any and everything but uplift the spirit.  There are, however, exceptions....
The Bureau Attempts to Adjust God's Fate
Are we in charge of our lives, or are decisions made for us long before we consider them?...
John Tesh TV Concert
A spectacular evening of hip-hop (yes, hip-hop!), ballet, lighting and staging effect...
Peter & the Wolf: Oscar Nominated Short Film
This charming reworking of Prokofiev’s popular classic tale gives it some 21st century twists...
Everything Old Is New Again
Some beloved TV shows fail to hold up today.  Others remind us that involving stories can be told without today’s explicitness or vulgarity.
Like Dandelion Dust
So-called nightmare adoption scenarios are rare in the real world, but one is set to play out on the big screen...
The Fugitive, Season One
Named one of the 50 best shows of all time by TV Guide.... 
The Least of These
Faith in Christ is slyly portrayed in this mystery/drama....
A Mile In His Shoes
Though hampered with a small budget, the film is involving and both Schroder and Cain do fine work...
The Odd Couple: Season Two
Can two divorced men share an apartment without driving each other crazy? ...
Harry Potter vs. The Kingdom of Narnia
I've been fair in my critiques of the Harry Potter film series, calling one "A masterpiece of technical craftsmanship and a brilliant example of rudimentary storytelling...
The Most Important Film of the Year
And you spot the "Waiting For Superman" ad in the entertainment section of your paper. Alas, it has little to do with the superhero from Krypton.
George of the Jungle: Classic Cartoon
There’s only one problem with George of the Jungle.  Once you are reminded of that title song, you can’t get it out of your head all day...
Peanuts 1970s Collection, Volume 2
Warner Bros. Home Video offers the two-disc set features six primetime animated specials...
Gumby Essentials
For his big anniversary close-up, the one and only Clayboy gets a makeover!...
New Film Addresses Faith-Based Concepts
WARRIOR is a film that moves and unites. Though our situations may differ, the story’s emblematic desperation, the characters’ need for love’s healing power, comforts us by film’s end...
Family Affair: Season One
The box set contains all thirty episodes from the first season on five discs, plus never-before-seen bonus features...
West Side Story Celebrates It's 50th Anniversary
Wow, that’s old! If that’s your mindset, let me try to change it with my take on one of the finest movies of all time...
Touched By An Angel Inspiration Collection
“Touched By An Angel” was created and produced by Martha Williamson, a devout follower of Christ...
Movie THE HELP Contains Matthew 5:44
What surprised this movie reporter was the film’s positive incorporation of Jesus’ teaching to love those who wrong you.
The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Season Six
Like comfort food, there's comfort TV and Mary Tyler Moore has become an old friend...
Faith-Based Audiences Embracing New Film Warrior
The relationship between Hollywood studios and faith audiences continues with Lionsgate’s forthcoming WARRIOR...
The Mary Tyler Moore Show Season 5
USA Today called it “One of the best shows ever to air on TV.” I must agree with that assessment.
Bridesmaids - A Warning, Not A Review
I have not seen Bridesmaids, so this should not be misconstrued as a review...
Mary Tyler Moore Show Complete Seventh Season
The final season of the enduring classic includes such series milestones as the birth of Ted and Georgette's baby...
EASY A Spells Doom For Christians – Or…
We Christians have a lot to answer for, because we don't always do what the Lord teaches us...
The Waltons
The outstanding cast also included veteran actors Will Geer, Ellen Corby, as well as Ralph Waite and Michael Learned as John and Olivia Walton...
A Shark Attack Was "Part of God's Plan"
Remember around six years ago when we heard of the surfer girl who lost her arm to a shark? Just about everybody I've spoken to can recount that news even...
Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who (The Original)
The animated TV classic, a Peabody Award-winner, is now on DVD.  And what a treasure!  This isn’t just for kids...
Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience
The JONAS BROTHERS head to the big screen—in Disney Digital 3-D™...
God On Trial
In this poignant drama, a group of prisoners at Auschwitz place God on trial for murder and collaboration. 
Was I Too Rough On the Soul Surfer?
I stand by my review, which analyzed the picture for what it was, a “lite” version of an extraordinary life...
New PBS Miniseries: Little Dorritt
One of Charles Dickens' greatest love stories also has the timely theme of chronic debt and financial collapse.
A Fluffy Romantic Comedy With Firm Values
Renee Zellweger and Harry Connick, Jr. star in the romantic comedy New In Town...
Pioneers of Television
Take a look back at the nascent days of what was to become the most powerful medium of the 20th century...
Little Kids and Big Subjects
Marley & Me is being advertised with a poster containing nothing but a cute puppy...
Amish Grace
"Riveting, emotionally stirring, a powerful TV experience." That's the impact Amish Grace had on this viewer...
Dolphin Tale Ministry Materials Available
Pastors and Ministry Leaders now have an opportunity to .
Have a Little Faith
Hallmark Hall of Fame should teach school for anybody wanting to make movies for television or for those with a message that goes straight to DVD...
"Make Thee An Ark"
An expanded review of Evan Almighty with comments from director Tom Shadyac and star Steve Carrell.
Love's Unfolding Dream
Influenced greatly by his dad’s Little House on the Prairie, writer/producer Michael Landon Jr. has visualized this frontier adventure/drama from the sixth installment of Janette Oke’s bestselling books.
Angels and Demons: Angelic or Demonic?
At a recent press junket held in Rome where a few exterior scenes were filmed (actual Vatican locales were meticulously reproduced in CA), I was able to interview the cast and director of Angels and Demons...
Film Highlights United Methodist College's Debate Team
In 1935, debaters from United Methodist-related Wiley College, won a national championship match...
Art and Commerce Collide in Disney's Outer Space
Wall•E is one of the best films I’ve seen this year, but it has a controversy attached.  No, it’s not inappropriate language or furtive sexual innuendo. 
New Version of Henry Poole is Here Is Powerful and Profanity-Less!
This movie was released in 2008, but Anchor Bay Entertainment has just released a family-friendly version by taking out the curse words.
New Narnia Resource Aids Children
The release of Believing In Narnia, a new paperback designed to help children 7 through 11 decipher the secret symbols of Christianity within C. S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia, is set to coincide with the opening of the second movie installment, The Chronicles of Narnia:  Prince Caspian
According to film reviewer Mary Draughon: “Among all the action and danger, there are some positive messages about friends, encouraging others to do what is right, and crime doesn’t pay. Good triumphs over evil.”
The Second Coming of The Passion
Packed with several commentaries, including a first ever with director Mel Gibson, it also includes enlightening “making of” segments and the alternative version of the film, Passion: Re-Cut.
The Nativity Story
When the green light was lit, Bowen and Godfrey searched for the chosen director and found that person to be Catherine Hardwicke (Thirteen, The Lords of Dogtown)...
All About Eve, An Affair To Remember Make Blu-Ray Debut
A perfect addition to any cinephile’s collection, both films include audio commentaries, documentaries and rare photos...
Prince Caspian
The endearing novel by C. S. Lewis has the Pevensie children facing a perilous mission and a greater test of their faith and courage.
American GIrl Phenomenon Comes to the Movies
Amid today’s narcissistic iPod society, American Girl devotees stand out as supporters of the belief that a caring character is more important than material possessions...
The Soloist
Film critic Shawn Edwards called it “Powerful and Inspiring!”...
A Second Look At Despereaux
This “once upon a time” fairy tale has all the ingredients children love...
The Robe
Based on the Lloyd C. Douglas novel, the episodic costume drama concerns a Roman centurion who wins Christ's robe in a dice game...
Cold Souls
Paul Giamatti (Sideways) stars as an actor named…Paul Giamattt...
Waiting for "Superman" Comes to Blu-Ray and DVD
A perfect addition to any cinephile’s collection, both films include audio commentaries, documentaries and rare photos...
The Ten Commandments Comes to Blu-Ray and Gift Set
For sheer pageantry and spectacle, few motion pictures can claim to equal the splendor of renowned director Cecil B. DeMille’s (Ben Hur) 1956 epic THE TEN COMMANDMENTS.
The Cove
I am not an animal activist, but neither do I believe we should stand by and watch inhumane treatment of any of God's creatures...
To Catch A Thief: Special Collector's Edition
I use this film as an alternative to a lot of caper films of today due to the fact that although the lead character had been a thief, he now sees the error of those ways...
Pearl Diver
Wow a film whose special effects are story, character development and themes (forgiveness and the priceless gift of love) rather than explosions or mutilating monsters...
Angel and the Badman (2009)
.... But what this film really does is point out the difference between a direct-to-DVD movie actor and a superstar legend.
The Clique (2008)
I understand that I'm not the intended audience, but I found little redeeming about this production.
Hachi: A Dog's Tale
I've seen 'em all, from Lassie to My Dog Skip. I think this one is the best because there's no subplot with the animal saving the family from home invaders or romancing another canine over a bowl of spaghetti...
Martian Child
A recently widowed science fiction writer forms an unlikely family with a close friend and a young boy he adopts who claims to be from Mars.
EXpelled: No Intelligence Allowed will be released on DVD Tuesday, the 21st of October.  Worth seeing, with added features including a message from Ben Stein...
True Grit: Special Collector's Edition
As a kid, I read True Grit by Charles Portis. Even then, I knew no one could play Marshal Rooster J. Cogburn, but John Wayne...
Evan Almighty
It’s a production that embraces kids and adults alike with its humor and its message...
It's A Wonderful Life: In Color!
Paramount Home Video has just released a 2-disc collector's set, which includes a documentary on the making of the film...