More Than Diamonds
by Phil Boatwright

Another low budget “delightful adventure” meant to satisfy non-discriminating family members of all ages. Grant Skellenger has written, produced and directed a semi-entertaining kid’s suspense adventure about a 12-year-old boy who discovers a coded map that leads to stolen treasure. The family has lost their father and moved into a new town. Now faced with a lien on the family house, young Alexander and his siblings pull together to aid their overwhelmed mom. What better way than to find stolen diamonds and return them in order to gain a reward?

It’s not an awful film, though the acting choices tend to grate. It’s a clean movie, though its sweetness occasionally aches the teeth. So, would I recommend it? Well, it beats an episode of Beavis and Butthead, but you might want to view To Kill A Mockingbird first. Or My Dog Skip. Or The Brave Little Toaster. Or The Secret Garden. Or…, etc.

More Than Diamonds. Family drama/adventure. 95 min. Not rated, it does contain some violence, including the villain aiming a gun and threatening the family. But the content has been handled with discretion. Available through Skellenger Films (