Space Warriors
by Phil Boatwright

Mira Sorvino, Dermot Mulroney, Josh Lucas, Thomas Horn and Danny Glover star in this sci-fi thriller set to premiere May 31, 2013 on the Hallmark Channel.

The made-for-TV movie concerns a 15-year-old who is invited to Space Camp in order to compete with a team of kids against other teams for seats on the next space shuttle. His team of teens called the Warriors must test their skills against an older, more experienced opposition, the Titans. Just as the completion is coming to an end and the Warriors are feeling defeated, an urgent crises aboard the International Space Station opens a door for the Warriors. It’s now up to the kids to solve a problem, even NASA can’t handle in order to save the lives of three cosmonauts some 200 miles from Earth. Using their skills and abilities to work together as a team, the Warriors hatch a brilliant plant that just might save the day.

Not rated, I found nothing objectionable.

A clean film with life lessons, this adolescent-aimed actioneer is engrossing TV entertainment.