Frozen in Time
by Phil Boatwright

Available on DVD November 11, 2014 from ARC Entertainment. It stars the voices of Ed Asner (Up), Mira Sorvino (Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion), Drake Bell (Nickelodeon’s Drake and Josh, The Naughty List). Written by Melissa Rundle. Directed by Alex Leung. Running Time: 46 min. Rated: G

FILM SYNOPSIS: Young siblings Eric and Patty are about to take off on a thrilling, and chilling, adventure! After damaging their grandfather’s most treasured possession, a strange clock, they throw the whole world into a crazy time continuum, where Christmas day is repeated over and over. The only way they can restore order is to travel to the North Pole and repair the clock in Santa’s workshop. With less than a day to go, Eric, Patty, and Grandfather frantically zip off to the frozen wonderland. All they have to do is figure out the complicated solution, carefully mend the clock, and get back home in time to fix Christmas!

PREVIEW REVIEW: Over the age of 7? Leave the room. This review, like the film itself, is for little ones.

Hey kids, Frozen in Time is loud, it’s fast-moving, it’s colorful, and it’s silly. It is designed to attract and hold your attention – and let’s face it, grownups who make movies aren’t always thinking about you, are they? Your mommy and daddy will be pleased that positive lessons about a family coming together and doing the right thing can be found in this Groundhog Day-like storyline. Just tell them that, they’ll understand.

It’s rated G, but don’t be afraid of all the fast-moving action. Nobody is getting hurt and you’re safe.

But kids, your moms and dads will probably want to stick an ice pick through their heads rather than ever watch this one again. So, tell Mom or Dad that they should go into another room and watch my suggested DVD alternative while you enjoy a film made just for you.

DVD Alternative (for grownups): Groundhog Day. Bill Murray learns how to treat others after being caught in a surreal world where he wakes up each morning to re-live the same day. The refreshing thing about Murray and this film is that they can be so funny without being crude. Offensive language is almost non-existent, with only two occurrences of mild crudities.
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