Thou Shalt Laugh 4
by Phil Boatwright

“Great fun for the whole family.”
Phil Boatwright, The Movie Reporter

The phenomenon began back in 2006 when producers Hunt Lowry and Jonathan Bock took a step of faith and brought forth the proposition that the world was ready for comedy of, by, and for Christians. Other comedy concerts had entered the video arena, mostly to lie dormant on video store shelves. Thou Shalt Laugh, aided by a proper distribution campaign, sparked an interest that has generated more sales than any other Christian comedy DVD.  

In an era when laughs are so often mined from anatomical and scatological riffs, and the grosser the comedy, the bigger the box office grosses, here came a refreshing and, I’m glad to add, funny alternative. Previous installments in the comic series had Patricia Heaton, Tim Conway, and Sinbad as masters of ceremony. Part 4 is hosted by John Tesh.

Tesh, the blondest of the hosts, introduces Dana Daniels, Rex Havens, Taylor Mason, Michael Jr., Isaac Witty and Joe Wong. Focusing on the human condition, the routines spotlight marriage, the difference between men and women, the trouble with youth, our culture and racism. There’s a magician, a puppeteer and even a boogie-woogie-playing pianist. Lively, witty and perceptive, each comedian arouses smiles, giggles and even guffaws.

As he did in T. S. L. 1, 2, and 3, Taylor Mason closes the show.  With his use of puppets and ventriloquism, Mr. Taylor reaches audiences of all ages.  His awards range from winning the $100,000 Star Search grand prize in 1991 to an Emmy for his TV pilot Bananas.  In my opinion, he’s one of the sharpest funnymen around. In this installment of the franchise, he brings down the house with some incredible piano playing, as well as featuring his favorite alter ego, Romeo, who always seems to find a pretty girl in the audience whom he wishes to empress.

It’s a pleasure to be reminded once again that comedy can be used to edify as well as entertain.  And that wit is always more satisfying than the I-can’t–believe-I-just–saw-that shock factor.

Go to the for more information and clips. Thou Shalt Laugh 4 will be available November 3, 2009 and makes a perfect Christmas stocking stuffer for teens and adults.