Last of the true cowboys

by Phil Boatwright

FILM SYNOPSIS: Ever wonder what a man is thinking about while he is fighting for his life in the most extreme of the extreme sports? Some believe there is nothing as extreme as a 150-pound man competing against a raging 2,000-pound bull and an eight-second clock. You might be surprised that these champion bull riders are men of faith who pray for one another as they compete in this challenging sport.

Bullrider documents the victories, defeats, athleticism, camaraderie, courage, heart and faith of famous cowboy athletes who openly profess their love for God in stadiums filled with 15,000 screaming fans.

PREVIEW REVIEW: Insightful, this documentary gives us an in-depth look at the men who have chosen this dangerous occupation as their way of life. It is spellbinding as we learn of their love of God, their country, and their families, while expressing how they feel about the prospects of getting injured and why they do what they do. Director Josh Aronson keeps the pacing energized as we go from competition to competition, the cinematography catching the awesomeness of the sport. And as lively as the film is, the production is also observant, giving us a revealing perspective of championship riders Adriano Moraes, Mike Lee, Justin McBride and others.

The film features songs by Jonah33 and the DVD has bonus features, including behind-the-scenes interviews. Rated PG for visuals of injuries in the arenas. (We see several injuries, including bloodied faces and a man lying in the arena, his neck apparently broken. The depiction of this violent sport may frighten very little children. But older kids and grownups will undoubtedly be impressed with seeing the last of the true cowboys. The film inspires as we discover these people’s courage, not just battling incredible odds, but also in declaring their faith in Christ.