Ice Castles
by Phil Boatwright

This remake of the 1978 Lynn-Holly Johnson/Robbie Benson romantic drama concerns a teen girl, about to graduate high school, suddenly becoming a championship ice skater. After the initial success, however, she falls, hits her head, is blinded, and falls into depression. But "through the arms of love" her boyfriend lifts her out of self-pity and gets her back on the ice.'

This new version follows the old one closely, including the incorporation of Marvin Hamlisch's score and theme song. That said, it is better acted (Lynn-Holly was a good skater and very pretty, but was still new to the acting profession, while Taylor Firth connects better with the role), it has good pacing and it's involving. Full of skating and other winter sports, as well as a strong narrative punch, this is an enjoyable film for teens and adults.

Rated PG for a few minor expletives and one SOB, this updated Ice Castles contains nothing else that could be considered crude or exploitive. It's just good storytelling with positive message about sacrifice and doing what you believe in despite the odds. The DVD includes bonus features.