by Phil Boatwright

“Enthusiastic, enlightening and enriching, Monumental is one of the most important documentaries you’ll ever see.”

FILM SYNOPSIS: New to DVD, this powerful documentary concerns the story of America’s beginnings. Kirk Cameron produced this 90-minute look at the lives of the Pilgrims. You’ll find documented information in this film seldom taught in today’s schools. And you’ll learn why schools don’t teach it.

The film takes audiences to Europe and across America to see the sights and to meet the experts who help rediscover the core ideals that define America. Along the way, Kirk, the star of the ABC sitcom Growing Pains and 2008’s highest grossing independent film, Fireproof, discovers a monument that holds the answers to the challenges facing America – and he calls upon American families to teach these core ideals (liberty, education, morality, religion, justice) to their children.

PREVIEW REVIEW: Sadly, in their effort to separate church and state, secularists have also eliminated the truth of who founded America and why. To hide Christianity from America’s foundation is like leaving food out of a diet. It can’t be done without dire consequences.

America’s future seems dark because the populace in general lacks the will to restore Christian philosophy into our social and political fabric. But the film wisely points out that the world’s future seemed bleakest just before the Reformation and the Renaissance were put into practice.

Riveting and inspiring, you’ll be given documented facts that cannot be denied. And because it is unlikely that today’s public school system will embrace it, this is a DVD every home and church library should contain. It can be viewed often. And should be.

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Rated PG, I found nothing objectionable.