King’s Faith
by Phil Boatwright

Starring Crawford Wilson, Kayla Compton, James McDaniel, Lynn Whitfield, this inspirational family film with a foster care theme is now available on DVD. A Provident Films release.

FILM SYNOPSIS: After Brendan King’s life spiraled to rock bottom, the teen found hope in a new relationship with Christ while serving time in a juvenile penitentiary. Recently released, Brendan finds solace in the foster home of a couple struggling with suppressed grief.

As the city-bred teen enrolls at a suburban high school, he finds support from a group of believers. Yet the bonds of his old way of life – and the gang that wants to know where he hid their stash on a long-ago night – are strong. In his darkest moment, Brendan found faith. Now he must decide if it’s worth the price to hold on to it.

The film has a special message to young people who are challenged by today’s culture.

PREVIEW REVIEW: All too often, well-meaning filmmakers wishing to deliver a you-need-Jesus message through their film do so about as subtly as a Western Union telegram. King’s Faith is an exception. Aided by above-par technical qualities, a well-written script, and solid performances, especially from Lynn Whitfield (she has a scene that will break your heart), the production’s Christian theme is meaningful and fits like a glove.

Despite the bouncy camera throughout (a technique used unnecessarily to generate tension), I was truly moved by the production, and while I haven’t been a teenager for quite some time, I feel confident that it will be relatable to the younger generation. I make that assessment because the film isn’t sickeningly sweet or false in tone. The message fits honestly with the storyline and the characters.

King’s Faith is 108 minutes in length and rated PG-13 for some violence (including characters being threatened with a gun and seeing bruised and banged-up people who were roughed up off screen by a gang).