The Mark
by Phil Boatwright

FILM SYNOPSIS: Available on DVD/Blu-Ray October 16, 2012, this action drama with spiritual undertones concerns a former soldier, Chad Turner (played by Craig Sheffer), who has abandoned his faith due to the horrors he’s witnessed during his tour of duty. Chad is on a flight from Bangkok to Berlin, but something goes terribly wrong. The plane is hijacked by a group of mercenaries. But far more troubling is the fact that the hijacking occurs at the beginning of the Tribulation period and the Rapture. It’s an end-times parable where the true believers in God are taken from Earth and those left behind struggle to cope with the evils that control their world, while searching for a way back to God.

The 98-minute film from Pure Flix Entertainment stars Craig Sheffer (A River Runs Through It), Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight), Gary Daniels (The Expendables), Sonia Courling, Sarah Deakins and Carey Scott. Unrated.

PREVIEW REVIEW: A hijacked plane and a Rapture story all in one. Sounds a little like fodder for the makers of Airplane. But, no, it’s a straight movie. And it has some positives. I managed to get caught up in it, well, at least, until a couple find a couple of parachutes (on a commercial airliner?).

Everyone from dying churches to Christian moviemakers are attempting to catch the eye of young people. No longer do faith-based film companies want scripts that deal with human emotion. They want sci-fi or action-adventure to aid in telling a story about the need for Christ.

Okay, whatever it takes. But the problem with making a film that depends heavily on special effects is that you need a big budget and the best special effects there are. The young people are bombarded by CGI-laden movies and if you want to compete with Hollywood’s special effects department, well, you better do better than this lame attempt.

While I hate to pick on a performer, there’s a reason why Craig Sheffer isn’t a big star. Though he memorizes lines and doesn’t bump into the furniture, he lacks charisma. Even in his one big film, A River Runs Through It, he was outshined by fellow cast mate Brad Pitt.

By the way, when the Rapture does happen, will there really be piles of clothing left behind? Evidently, not only do we get new bodies, we get a new wardrobe when we arrive at the Pearly Gates.

Unrated, The Mark contains several gun battles, beatings and even an explosion or two. But it’s PC – the terrorists are white and speak with English accents.