by Phil Boatwright

Not rated, the 94-minute drama from Image Entertainment gives new perspective to the true story of the Scopes “Monkey Trial.”

FILM SYNOPSIS: Love and faith are put to the ultimate test in this drama set against the landmark Scopes "Monkey Trial" of 1925. Charles Anderson (Nathan West, Miracle) is a talented young reporter engaged to Rose (Ashley Johnson, The Help), who works with him at the Tennessee small town newspaper his late father founded. The "Trial of the Century" brings brilliant adversaries William Jennings Bryan (Fred Dalton Thompson, The Genesis Code) and Clarence Darrow (Brian Dennehy, Cocoon) to Charles' hometown. But as the trial unfolds, Charles is caught up in the media circus and becomes torn between his journalistic integrity and impressing his mentor, the colorful Baltimore Sun editor H. L. Mencken (Colm Meaney, Star Trek: The Next Generation), who presses him to "make a story" instead of report one.

PREVIEW REVIEW: Well executed, Alleged is a dynamic, involving response to the more bombastic and humanistic Inherit the Wind. Though the Spencer Tracy/Fredric March theatrical release from 1960 was award-worthy moviemaking, it seemed to go out of its way to belittle those who believe in Creationism. Alleged, on the other hand, stealthily reveals the character of those who attempted to promote Darwin’s theory of Evolution.
This new look at the events of that monumental court case also indicts the press for often going against their journalistic creed of reporting rather than creating a story.

Not rated, I caught one minor expletive, but no harsh or profane language. For more info about Image Entertainment, go to
On a personal note: Whenever the topic of evolution vs. creationism pops up, one question always comes to my mind. If we came from monkeys in the trees or fish in the sea, then how come there are still monkeys in the trees and fish in the sea? What – are they underachievers?