The Mysterious Islands
by Phil Boatwright

In THE MYSTERIOUS ISLANDS, Doug Phillips and noted researcher Dr. John Morris make a compelling scientific case for creationism.  The home schooling community embraces the film as a scientific supporting Creationism, and challenging the generally accepted Evolution theory taught in public schools.

REVIEW: My only complaint is that, like most documentaries, the agenda outweighs the perspective. No one with an opposing opinion is given any credible screen-time to make an argument. Either side is based on a certain amount of facts, but ultimately we must rely on faith in order to come to terms with the existence of man. The scientific explanation, despite "proofs," is merely theory. No human was here a billion years ago to stand by the hypothesis that man came from another species. And as we know, science, like medicine, is a practice that often revisions its conclusions. But to offer a fair and balanced basis of discussion, those who believe in Evolution should be allowed a voice in a setting that takes place on the Galapagos Islands.

That said, I've always wondered why, if we came from monkeys in the trees or fish in the ocean, how come there are still monkeys in the trees and fish in the ocean? What's that all about? What are they, underachievers?

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