What Would Jesus Do?
by Phil Boatwright

New on DVD from Phase 4 Films, this inspirational family film stars John Schneider, Adam Gregory and Maxine Bahns. Directed by Thomas Makowski, the story is a thought-provoking tale concerning four people – a isnger, a ndewpaper editor, a wealthy philanthropist and a minister who has lost his faith – all vowing to walk in the "steps of Jesus." Every day and every decision becomes a turning point in their lives as they must ask themselves: "What would Jesus do?"

PREVIEW REVIEW: Based on the best-selling novel "In His Steps" by Charles Sheldon, the best thing about WWJD is the title's question.  It rings throughout the film, and I challenge you to not think about the proposition throughout the rest of the day. Well, I could have put that better.  Suffice it to say, the DVD is worth watching because you will be forced to address one of the most important questions a Christian can ask himself.

Though the production lacks a sufficient budget to lure "A" players, the cast is nonetheless game and though the drama is often heavy-handed, lacking much subtlety, the theme, as I said, is important to ponder.

Now should you ask, "Did Phil ask what Jesus would before writing his critique?"  Kinda.  Maybe I need to see the film again.