Love Finds You In Charm
by Phil Boatwright

A new made-for-TV movie about a young Amish woman who chooses between two paths premieres on the UP Channel, Sunday, June 7, 2015 at 7 pm EDT/6 pm PDT.

FILM SYNOPSIS: In Love Finds You In Charm, the next film in UP’s Love Finds You original TV-movie series, beautiful Emma Miller would appear to be the luckiest girl in Indiana.  She teaches school, has a loving family, and the town’s most eligible young man wants to marry her.  But this Amish young woman has more on her mind than buggies and bonnets – she longs for adventure and wants to see the world.  When given the opportunity to spend the summer with relatives in scenic Charm, OH, Emma jumps at the chance.  There she meets an Englischer who has come to town to escape her chaotic life, and despite their differences, the two become fast friends.  After meeting a fascinating young man in Charm, Emma finds herself pulled between two worlds.  Now, she must follow her heart and decide whether to stay amongst the Amish – or leave behind everyone and everything she’s ever known.  Based on the novel by best-selling author Annalisa Daughety.  Stars: Trevor Donovan (Texas Rising, 90210), Danielle Chuchran (Nowhere Safe, Little House on the Prairie), Drew Fuller (Army Wives, Charmed) and Tiffany Dupont (Greek, The Bedford Diaries).

PREVIEW REVIEW: It has that same gentility…and yes, corniness of all those Janette Oke Love Comes Softly movie series that ran on the Hallmark Channel this past decade. This, like they, is not very challenging, and so predictable. But it does have solid production values, nice performances, especially from the lead, and despite the sometimes dopey dialogue and the expected and foreseen conclusion, it does have charm. While I hesitate to call it a chick flick, as I might be labeled a chauvinist, the storyline and the filmmaker’s treatment may be designed more for feminine sensibilities.

The Amish religion is an intriguing one, which draws moviemakers to stories about its followers. Catholics, with their pomp and prodigal, are another arm of Christianity that is also alluring for storytellers. We poor Baptists go under the radar. Not sure if there will ever be much Hollywood interest in us.

Love Finds You in Charm is a pleasant, chaste TV experience, but if you want a movie with substance about the Amish, rent or purchase Amish Grace. This true story concerns the aftermath of the 2006 schoolhouse shooting in an Amish community. Its book’s title best summarizes the production’s theme - Amish Grace: How Forgiveness Transcended Tragedy. It is riveting and emotionally stirring, offering us a heartfelt example of how we can forgive those who inflict wrong on us.