Little Robots: Reach For The Sky
by Phil Boatwright

Fox Home Entertainment has just released this children’s series on DVD. While I seldom look forward to viewing stop-motion animated projects aimed at very little ones, it helped that I was watching it with my 6-year-old nephew. Young David was instructed to help Uncle Phil review the multi-11-minute-episode project. He understands what I do for a living and took the challenge seriously. Discriminating or not, the outcome was positive. He enjoyed it and discussed the different characters. Even David’s little sister, two-year-old Megan, would occasionally stand in front of the TV – directly in front of the TV – and take in the visual appeal.

With positive and inspirational messages aimed at encouraging kids to use their imaginations. Each episode features little robots, friends who work together to achieve a goal. Creative and lively, Little Robots: Reach For the Sky gets a thumbs-up from 6-year-old David. It probably wouldn’t be Uncle Phil’s choice to bring along to a deserted island, but it was fun watching something with my nephew that was both nurturing and entertaining.