Flicka 3: Country Pride
by Phil Boatwright

Lisa Hartman Black, Clint Black, Kacey Rohl. Directed by Michael Damian (Flicka 2, Marley & Me: The Puppy Years). New on DVD 5/1/12. Both the Blu-ray and the DVD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment contain two behind-the-scenes featurettes and a music video.

FILM SYNOPSIS: When Toby (Clint Black) takes on a job at a riding stable with Flicka in tow, the owner’s daughter Kelly (Kacey Rohl) quickly bonds with the horse. A budding equestrian, she hopes to break Flicka for an upcoming competition, despite her mother disapproval. With the competition approaching, a rival trainer stealing business, and a growing fear they may be forced to sell their land, Toby step in to turn things around for Kelly and her mother.

REVIEW: If you’re a female around the age of eight, you probably won’t be comparing this one to National Velvet or The Black Stallion or even Flicka 1. The rest of us however, will find it a paint-by-the-numbers member of the kid and his/her horse genre. Filmmaker Michael Damian is a fine filmmaker, but he seems to be making this one simply because Flicka 2 did fairly well in DVD sales. Our teenage lead has to deal with snooty girls, while her mother has to content with the bank about to sell her farm. Will the new boarder/stable hand and his mare save the day for both? Oh, please. How many times do we have to see this story?

Rated PG, I found nothing objectionable. Positive messages about family and caring for people who are hostile towards you. The family are churchgoers.