Taken by Grace
by Phil Boatwright

Angus MacFadyen, Haylie Duff, Bradley Dorsey. Pure Flix. Drama/thriller with faith-based concepts. Unrated, it was released on DVD in 2013.

FILM SYNOPSIS: Based on a true story, ex-con Lucas Blackstone carjacks a young Christian couple and forces them into his plot to assassinate the killer of his son.

PREVIEW REVIEW: Normally I have trouble with faith-based film companies extending into genres usually geared toward action thriller material. They seldom seem organic, natural. But Taken By Grace worked for me. It is a tense drama about a man who may kill his kidnapped victims, but with the two protagonists believably relying on their Christian faith not only to uphold them, but eventually witness to their emotionally wounded captor. This is a true example of Christians taking their religion seriously.

We discover that the young couple is going through a trial of their own and it is their deep-bedded faith in Christ that draws them together rather than allowing their egos to end their marriage. And Angus MacFadyen as the ex-con brings dimension to his outlaw.

Unlike so many well-intentioned, but small-budgeted faith based companies who have attempted to bring action and suspense to the screen, Pure Flix and director Rodger Lindley have remembered the laws of movie-making – budget – script – character – then message. It’s well-acted, with thoughtful dialogue and characters you care about. But be warned, this one isn’t for the little ones. Though handled with discretion, the film deals with an unstable man who threatens his prisoners, indicating that he may kill them or himself. The subject matter is adult–aimed, but contains a spiritually uplifting theme.