The Three Dogateers on DVD
by Phil Boatwright

Dean Cain (The Way Home, ABC’s Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman) and Richard Riehle (Office Space). Director: Jesse Baget. RLJE/Image Entertainment is releasing this family holiday film on DVD and Digital Download on 11/18/14. Not Rated. 87 min.

FILM SYNOPSIS:  When they are left on their own a few days before Christmas, three white little fur balls get their paws into a world of trouble. A couple of no-good burglars have made off with all of the family’s presents and decorations, and it’s time for the Three Dogateers to unite! The always-hungry Barkos, the pampered purebred Wagos and the adventure-loving Arfamis set off on a journey to sniff out the bad guys. But with the world’s meanest dogcatcher hot on their tails, they may need a little help from Santa Claus himself to save Christmas!

PREVIEW REVIEW: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Or, at least let me count the times I’ve had to endure “family” movies about talking dogs. Actually, it may be fun for little ones. Very little ones. But it could be a test endurance for anyone without a handheld electronic gizmo of some sort.

The comedy is broad, the humor geared for the very young at heart, and Dean Cain is not funny, no matter how very young at heart you are.

Caution: There is some action that may be disturbing for tiny tots, including Santa getting knocked out by a shovel (implied rather than pictured), burglars entering a home and stealing all the presents, including the Christmas tree, and a overenthusiastic dog catcher determined to catch his prey. What happens to doggies at the dog pound, daddy?

The one dog, Barkos, reminded me of my beloved pet from many years ago, except my Jiggs didn’t have a Southern accent.