When Calls the Heart: Second Chances (DVD)
by Phil Boatwright

Now on DVD. Erin Kradkow, Dainiel Lissing, Lori Laughlin. Directed by Neill Fearnley. 85 minutes.

FILM SYNOPSIS: This DVD release contains a combined two episodes of the Hallmark Channel TV series. Here, Elizabeth and Jack struggle to get back to where their relationship was before Billy Hamilton got between them. Meanwhile, Abigail goes to Gowen with her proposal to reopen the abandoned café in town. The whole town of coal Valley reacts to the fact that Adam Miller has returned to the community, one of the few survivors of the mine collapse. He has lost a leg and is trying to adjust to his disability.

PREVIEW REVIEW: Well, I’ve pretty much said everything I have to say about this TV series gone DVD. Bottom line for me, it’s a tame, gentle, often staid TV western/drama with a Little House on the Prairie flavor. There is a quality to these installments that can’t be denied: a gentleness in the production, with a reverence for the Creator within the storyline, and a salute to values that make TV characters worth watching.

Different movies and television shows are designed to appeal to different audiences. Certainly there is an abundance of media efforts to appease tots and teens and the adolescent in most men, but there really aren’t that many made for the female demographic. So, without meaning to sound sexist, this series may be more satisfying to the feminine of our species. This being the case, ladies, may I suggest brewing a cup of Earl Grey on a blustery evening and settling back for this pleasant soap opera with substance.

Not rated, I found the content family friendly.