Always Will
by Phil Boatwright
First-time director Michael Sammaciccia brings a creative parable to DVD with his tale of a high school nobody and his equally unseen buddies who, as a practical joke, dig up a time capsule previously buried by their elementary school. They soon discover that the capsule is a sort of time machine able to change the past. The boys individually learn, however, that the magical powers they think have bettered their lives by making them popular have set other problems in motion. As a test of faith and character, each discovers that true magic is found in the heart and in the development of one’s own character.

Though this is another neophyte filmmaker forced to take on two too many jobs, writer/director/producer/editor and director of photography, Mr. Sammaciccia does deliver an involving concept and presents a cast and crew who do a nice job, considering the limitations forced on them by a small budget.

MTI Home Video releases the PG-rated comic adventure Always Will on DVD March 20, 2007. Geared to a teen and preteen market, the DVD also contains bonus features including outtakes, cast auditions, deleted scenes and commentaries.