Guess Who’s Coming To Christmas
by Phil Boatwright

Airing on the Up cable network. Starring Drew Lachey and Mackenzie Porter, the comedy/drama airs Sunday, December 8 at 7:00pm ET.

FILM SYNOPSIS: A jaded rock star, in order to repair his tarnished image, publicly agrees to fulfill a kid’s Dear Santa Christmas wish. To his dismay, he ends up agreeing to spend the holidays in small town America and performing in the local holiday Christmas concert.

PREVIEW REVIEW: This redo of the prodigal son starts out so made-for-TV that I nearly turned it off. But suddenly, the heart and creativity kicked in (at least for me). It’s a feel good movie, though it takes a while to get there. Positive messages about faith abound, prayers are spoken, and the family is seen as loving. It’s a nice stay-at-home film for the Christmas season.