Boathouse Detectives
by Phil Boatwright

FILM SYNOPSIS: MTI Home Video presents this fun-filled family caper. From Eric Hendershot, director of Clubhouse Detectives and Horse Crazy, this new kids’ adventure has several preteens investigating a letter found attached to a fallen balloon. They discover a little girl about to be shipped off to boarding school by her evil stepmother. The pint-sized heroes take on the mission and learn the truth – the stepmother is trying to steal the child’s inheritance and keep her from a loving grandmother.

PREVIEW REVIEW: You can imagine how much I was looking forward to viewing a comedy adventure made for pint-sized people. But I asked my nephews and nice to view it along with me (ages: 12, 10, 5) and they sat, completely entertained. The two gross-out visuals (fake vomit) and paint gun battle against the no-goodnicks kept them amused. And even I was entertained by the detective work. Not exactly on the level of To Kill A Mockingbird, but it’s a gentle, kid-pleasing adventure with positive messages about friendship and caring about others.

Ella Harris, Mason Johnson, Oscar Hoggan, Cameron Phelts, McKenzie Richard. 85 min. Available from MTI Home Video. Not rated, I found nothing objectionable. That said, parents should view with little ones in order to reassure. There’s an evil stepmother who is mean to and plots against a little girl. She takes the child’s doggie away (boo, hiss) and the two villains threaten our young heroes. Oh, but they get theirs in the end.