The Imposter
by Phil Boatwright

Pure Flix Entertainment (The Wager, Sarah's Choice) is happy to announce the release of The Imposter on DVD, February 23, 2010, distributed through EMI/CMG Distribution to CBA retail outlets nationwide.
: Written and directed by Daniel Millican, it features Kevin Max (dc Talk), Jeff Deyo (formerly of Sonicflood), and Kerry Livgren (Kansas, AD), the story concerns a popular Christian rock band, Grand Design, whose lead singer, Johnny C (Max), is spiraling out of control.  After his wife and band mates discover his secret life offstage, Johnny C's life begins to fall apart. Coached by his mentor Proff (Livgren) and a crazy homeless man Tom Wright (World Trade Center, Barbershop), he begins a journey back home to rebuild what is left of his family and home life.
PREVIEW REVIEW: Solemn, at times downright depressing, but powerful. Though it, like most low-budgeted movies, relies too heavily on musical montages to further the story, it's potent message and sincere performances hold our attention.

Not rated, the film deals with the decline of a rock star, but the depictions of drug use and adultery are shown discreetly. The disc includes special features, including behind the scenes interviews a study guide and music videos. For more information go to .