Love's Unfolding Dream
by Phil Boatwright

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment’s faith-based programming label Fox Faith has recently released Love’s Unfolding Dream. Dealing with faith and perseverance, the film emphasizes the power of prayer.

Influenced greatly by his dad’s Little House on the Prairie, writer/producer Michael Landon Jr. has visualized this frontier adventure/drama from the sixth installment of Janette Oke’s bestselling books.  It continues the story of a pioneer family overcoming the challenges that face them during the era of the Wild West.  This chapter concerns a coming-of-age tale centering on Belinda Taylor (Scout Taylor Compton), the strong-willed daughter of former heroine Missie Lahaye (Erin Cottrell).  Belinda is determined to transcend the conventional way of life and pursue a career in medicine.  Along the way she is drawn to the town newcomer, Drew Simpson (Patrick Levis) and must decide whether she can follow her calling and maintain a relationship.

PREVIEW REVIEW:  It has a made-for-TV feel, with a Harlequin-ish title, salon haircuts on the menfolk, and anachronistic dialogue.  But these are minor peeves.  It also has a strong storyline, sincere performances, relatable themes dealing with doubts, fears and shaken faith, and an unabashed reverence for Christian sensibilities (several prayers and discussions about God and faith are smoothly incorporated).  It’s the essence of Shane, had Shane been written by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Not rated, I found nothing objectionable.  There is one scene, however, which may be disturbing to little ones.  A dying man has gangrene in one leg.  The doctor must remove the limb.  Though we do not see this in graphic detail, we do hear the sawing.  The scene is included in order to further develop the lead character, who wants to become a doctor.