Christmas with a Capital C
by Phil Boatwright

Christmas with a Capital C is a new Christ-centered DVD for the whole family from Pure Flix Entertainment. Starring Ted McGinley, Brad Stine, Daniel Baldwin, Nancy Stafford, the drama (with comic moments) is directed by Helmut Schleppi, the idea taken form a song by Go Fish. The DVD contains special features, including a behind-the-scenes and a commentary. Unrated (I found nothing objectionable.)

FILM SYNOPSIS: Filmed on location in Alaska, the story concerns a small-town, well-liked mayor suddenly challenged by an old rival who has moved back to town. Mitch Bright (Daniel Baldwin) returns under mysterious circumstances after 20 years. His rivalry with Mayor Dan Reed (Ted McGinley) re-ignites when Mitch takes offense at seeing the town’s flagrant violation of the constitution’s Establishment clause. Mitch wants the nativity scene removed from the front of the City Hall and the salutation Merry Christmas switched to Happy Holidays on all signs.

In the heat of the legal battle and with Dan facing certain defeat when Mitch runs for Mayor, Dan’s wife, Kristen (Nancy Stafford), and their daughter show the true meaning of Christmas, which inspires the entire community.

PREVIEW REVIEW: In the tradition of, say, Hallmark Hall of Fame quality, this has a made-for-TV feel, but in an effective way. With the aid of pro performances by Ted McGinley and Daniel Baldwin, and comic relief from comic actor Brad Stine, the production holds our attention. Directed with a leisurely pace, the story moves us and reminds us to love our enemies. It contains positive messages, including loving the unlovable, and it displays a respect for God and Christ (prayers are spoken, church is attended and the main characters acknowledge the birth of Christ). I was moved by Christmas with a Capital C and find it the best straight-to-DVD Christmas-themed film I’ve seen since The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey.

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