100 Voices
by Phil Boatwright

Keith Cohen, a colleague and friend sent the following information over concerning 100 Voices. It's the type of film that will give us some interesting information about the Jewish heritage.

NCM Fathom and Mod Three Productions present an event featuring 100 Voices: A Journey Home. 100 Voices is a compelling and moving musical documentary that uniquely highlights the rich history of Jewish culture in Poland. The film will be preceded by an exclusive specially produced mini-concert with the Cantors from the documentary featuring 20th Century contemporary American music. 

100 Voices will offer a unique and moving look at Polish/Jewish history and culture and highlight its current resurgence. The story is told through the personal reflections and musical performances of Cantors Assembly members and acclaimed composer Charles Fox who made an important historic mission to the birthplace of Cantorial music. The documentary will give generations the opportunity to learn about and re-embrace the Jewish culture that produced one of the most artistic and educated societies that once flourished in Europe.  Above all, the Program will celebrate the resilience and the power of Jewish life, while telling the story of two peoples who shared intertwined cultures.