Walking on Water
by Phil Boatwright

FILM SYNOPSIS: Bryan Jennings (Founder/director of Walking on Water) takes two teenagers on the trip of a lifetime in the inspirational documentary Walking on Water, debuting on DVD March 1st from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Affirm Films. The world becomes a classroom for these two teens as they circle the globe and meet the surf community’s finest, including Tom Curren, Al Merrick, D. J. Hobgood, Damien Hobgood, Bethany Hamilton and many others.

PREVIEW REVIEW: With its exhilarating use of cinematography (putting you right in the tunnel of the waves), beautiful locales (Hawaii’s North Shore, as well as the coasts of Peru, Australia, France, Indonesia and South Africa), and encouraging messages from people around the world who have connected with each other and with their Savior, Walking on Water gives us all an involving look at surfer life and more.

Aimed at a young audience, with its pounding score and surfer speak, it nonetheless shares enjoyment with people of all ages. It reminds us of the beauty around us and that young people, often belittled or misunderstood in the media, also search for what’s important in life. Despite the fact that they have a lower hairline than their elders, the film reminds us of just how much we do have in common with our youth.

Walking on Water is involving and uplifting. Not rated (I found nothing objectionable), the DVD contains special features including a featurette about Bethany Hamilton, the surfer champ who lost her arm to a shark when she was thirteen. Her story gets the drama treatment later this year in Soul Surfer. This documentary is an excellent companion piece.