This Is Our Time: To Seize God’s Calling
by Phil Boatwright

Starring Shawn-Caulin Young (Thor), Erin Bethea (Fireproof, Letters To God), Bruce Marchiano (The Encounter), Kate Cobb (The Ghosts), Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight), Dawn Wells (Gilligan’s Island) and Erik Estrada (Chips). Directed by Lisa Arnold. Bonus features: Behind the Scenes, interview with cast and crew, and trailers.

FILM SYNOPSIS: Five friends have just graduated from college and head out into the world strong in faith and belief in God, believing they will make a difference in the world. One couple heads to India to serve as missionaries for Embrace a Village. Another member of the group is a budding financier who joins a prestigious financial institution determined to make her mark in the corporate world. And Ethan, the odd man out, struggles to find his purpose and feels sidelined by God. Each will be surprised by his or her destiny.

PREVIEW REVIEW: The opening sequence with the friends in their graduating garb reminded me of St. Elmo’s Fire in that we were about to see comfortable kids going out into an uncomfortable world. But there is a difference; these protagonists have a devout faith – one that will be tested. With good production values, despite an apparent limited budget, This Is Our Time is a satisfying, spiritually uplifting drama that has something in common with It’s A Wonderful Life. Despite the fact that we can feel overshadowed by others, it reinforces the theory that Christians can affect the lives of those around us.

Not rated, I found nothing objectionable. Suitable for 12 on up.