Soldier Love Story
by Phil Boatwright

Lori Loughlin (90210, Full House), Stephanie Powers (Hart to Hart), Johnny Messner.

FILM SYNOPSIS:  A young boy's letter to a soldier serving overseas forever changes lives. Through a series of letters, Jared Marshall and Sgt. Vince Carerra bond over a love for baseball and Jared confides in Vince about his loneliness and lack of a father figure in his life. When Vince returns from war he meets Jared and falls in love with his mother, Dana. Complications arise when Vince gets his orders to deploy, but the two discover that true love can overcome any obstacle.

PREVIEW REVIEW: Pure escapist romantic fare, this could easily be shown on the Lifetime or Hallmark channels without the slightest editing. Though there are dramatic ingredients – a child struggling with an absentee father and a divorced woman restarting her life – the material is nearly stress-free for the viewer. Prayers are said and the theme of trusting in God permeates the lives of the characters and the theme of the film. It's lightweight with a promising happy ending clear as a bell by the end of the opening credits.

Though it can be viewed by kids, I'm wondering if they might be bored with all the lovey-dovey moments (a kiss here, a kiss there). I'm thinking this would be a nice film for adults on a blustery spring Saturday afternoon.

Unrated, I found nothing objectionable.