Rumors of Wars
by Phil Boatwright

New on DVD from Word Entertainment. Ben Davies, Courageous, Jennifer Cooper, Eric Roberts. A suspenseful, action packed film that centers around two converging stories- the “last days” of our present and the final days of our future.  Written and Directed by Paul Tomborello.

FILM SYNOPSIS: An aspiring journalist, Roxy investigates end-times prophecies and discovers that the events described in the Bible are happening all around her. Years later, Shaw, an agent for the One World government, is hunting down rebels when he discovers her journal in the post-apocalypse rubble. What will he do with this newfound truth? 

PREVIEW REVIEW: More an actioneer than spiritual motivator, the film lacks much in the way of heart. It lacks punch. There’s a lot of chasing, a lot of beating and point-blank shooting by mustache-twirling villains, but it’s all rather bland, with nothing new to differentiate it from the other hundred faith-based attempts that suggest how the end times will play out.

“But Phil, you can’t expect a religious film from a small production company to be on the same level as a Hollywood production.” Why not? You’re gonna pay the same amount to see it.

Note to well-intentioned faith-film-makers: Got a small budget? Stay clear of actioneers. Do a drama. Do a comedy. Don’t make a movie if you can’t afford a script, a director and a couple of charismatic actors.

Rated PG-13 for violence and intense subject matter. We see a couple of execution-style murders.