George of the Jungle
by Phil Boatwright

The classic cartoon series is now available on DVD.  All 17 episodes are featured on a 2-disk set.  Full of Jay Ward’s blend of sight gags and sophisticated humor, George of the Jungle has to do with a good-hearted, but clumsy jungle dweller, his wife Ursula and their “dog,” Shep the elephant. The shows are complete with episodes of Tom Slick, the coolest race care driver this side of Frostbite Falls, and Super Chicken, who’s always there to save the day when “fowl” play’s afoot!

There’s only one problem with George of the Jungle.  Once you are reminded of that title song, you can’t get it out of your head all day.  “George, George, George of the Jungle, friend to you and me.”  See, you’re gonna hate me by late this afternoon.

With the voice talents of June Foray, Bill Scott, Daws Butler and Paul Frees, the combined running length is 374 minutes.  Bonus features:  Never before seen pilot episodes of George of the Jungle and Super Chicken.