Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience
by Phil Boatwright

MPAA Rating: G

FILM SYNOPSIS: The JONAS BROTHERS head to the big screen—in Disney Digital 3-D™—in a high-energy Walt Disney Pictures rockumentary feature film event from director Bruce Hendricks (Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert). The film blends excerpts from the Brothers’ red-hot “Burning Up” concert tour, including guest performances from Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift, with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, off-the-wall segments, a never-before-heard song (“Love Is On Its Way”), swarming fans and a lot of JB-style humor—giving fans never-before-seen insights.

PREVIEW REVIEW: Well, here’s where the review is supposed to go. But dear reader, the Disney Studios didn’t invite most critics (if any). Now, studio reps sent us all kinds of promos so we’d do what I just did above – spotlight it. Normally, that would only cause me to ignore the film. But the Jonas Brothers are Christians, dedicated to abstinence until married, and even have talent. The film is rated G, so it probably won’t contain lyrics found in most artists’ offerings. It’s only 77 minutes, so if you have preteen girls crazy about the Joe, Nick and Kevin, this might be a safe bet. Oh, one word of caution. Should you attend with your girls, remember to bring ear plugs for yourself. That’s not a putdown on the Brothers Jonas, just a warning against preteen screams of enthusiasm.