Everything Old Is New Again
by Phil Boatwright

Some beloved TV shows fail to hold up today.  Others remind us that involving stories can be told without today’s explicitness or vulgarity.  Paramount Home Entertainment and CBS DVD is releasing several winners, including The Fugitive:  Season Two, (Vol. One from 1964), The Odd Couple: The Fourth Season (1974) and Danno’s favorite, Hawaii Five-O:  Season Four.

Named one of the 50 best shows of all time by TV Guide, The Fugitive, Season Two continues with David Janssen as Dr. Richard Kimble, a man wrongfully accused of murdering his wife.  He escapes custody on the night before his execution and sets out to prove his innocence by finding the real murderer—a mysterious one-armed man (Bill Raisch).  Pursued incessantly by Lt. Gerard (Barry Morse), Kimble risks his life time and again, coming to the aid of those he meets in the process. I bring this series to your attention because of its consistent dramatic excellence. Richard Kimble was a man of character who often endangered his own freedom in order to help others. It’s a quality TV series, one that remains absorbing and relevant.  The 4-disc set contains over 771 minutes of dramatic adventure.

The Odd Couple has always been one of my favorite series.  And I have found this fourth season to be the funniest (though I remember the final show of season five to be truly classic).  There’s generally a moral to each episode, and even after all these years it’s still funny.  The 4-disc set of season 4 (1973-1974) runs 562 minutes.

I’m in the process of reacquainting myself with Hawaii Five-O with this release of season four.  Filmed entirely on location in Hawaii, the show followed Jack Lord as he played Steve McGarrett, head of an elite state police unit investigating organized crime, murder and felonies of every type.  Rated PG, it’s a bit too mature for little ones, but it sends out positive messages, with the leads being men of character, and evildoers getting their just desserts.  The packet contains 6 discs, the running time 1215 minutes.  Great for those nights when there just seems to be nothing on.