Northpole on DVD
by Phil Boatwright

Available on DVD from Arc Entertainment on 11/18/14. Starring Tiffani Theissen, Josh Hopkins, Bailee Madison, Max Charles. Wrtten by Gregg Rossen, Brian Sawyer. Directed by Douglas Barr. 85 min. Rated G.

FILM SYNOPSIS: Northpole, the home of Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus, has grown into a huge city powered by the magic of holiday happiness from around the world. But as people start becoming too busy to enjoy this festive time of the year together, the power of this magic region begins to dim. Santa needs help. And one young boy may be the answer. With a little help from his teacher, a mysterious elf-like girl by the name of Clementine, and a gospel singer named Josephine, young Kevin proves that one small voice can change the hearts of many.

PREVIEW REVIEW: A pleasant surprise, Northpole is an entertaining fantasy for the entire family. Though not in the same comic league as those Tim Allen Santa movies of years back or Will Ferrell’s Elf, still the cast does a nice job (let’s keep an eye on young Bailee Madison – Parental Guidance, Letters To God, Home Is Where the Heart Is – I think she will become a solid actor in the coming years). The production values are decent for a made-for-TV- then quick trip to DVD fantasy film.

Interesting casting choices having Bob Wagner and Jill St. John as Mr. & Mrs. Claus. Though they are mostly cameo roles, still it’s fun to see a svelte Saint Nick. And he gets the last night in the movie. Can you guess what it is? (Hint: he’s flying in his sleigh.)

Though the film is about Santa needing help, it can be seen as a parable about believing in things unseen. And since Santa was indeed St. Nicolas, a gutsy priest who fought for his faith and showed a giving heart to those less fortunate, I think the film helps open discussions about our faith and the symbolism of Santa.

Great to hear Silent Night at the end of the film, as well.