Miles From Nowhere
by Phil Boatwright

Andrew Lawrence (Brotherly Love, United States of Tara), Treat Williams (A Streetcar Named Desire, Hair).
FILM SYNOPSIS: Senior high school football star Cameron (Andrew Lawrence) is traumatized when his best friend is killed in a car accident that he feels he is responsible for. When Cam learns that his best friend (a track star) was working on breaking the sub-four minute mile, he decides to honor his friend's memory by accomplishing the goal for him.

PREVIEW REVIEW: Certainly not as harrowing or spiritually moving as To Save A Life, the film does go beyond the typical teen angst, addressing the subject of guilt, responsibility and the relationship between fathers and sons.

Unrated, we see a teen hit by a car and learn of his death, but the content could be featured on ABC's Family Network. Though situations lead to turmoil in the home, all is resolved by film's end, with father and son coming to respect one another.