Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast
by Phil Boatwright

The newest G-rated Tinker Bell animated adventure from DisneyToon is now available in a Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack.

FILM SYNOPSIS: DisneyToons’s Tinker Bell adventures continue when her co-pixie pal Fawn befriends a big, furry creature unknown to residents of the Hollow. The massive beast is in need of help and Fawn, Tink and the others break a few rules in order to protect him from the scout fairies (tiny soldiers who guard Pixie Hollow). But is the Neverbeast friend or foe?

PREVIEW REVIEW: For the last several years my little niece and I have closely followed the adventures of Tinker Bell and the other miniature residents of Pixie Hollow. And once again, we were both captivated by this installment’s color, design, voice characterizations, and story cleverness.

Now, I freely admit that I derive the most pleasure from Tink’s tales because my now 9-year-old niece does. But there are two names associated with these DVDs that make this series a pleasure for adults: Disney and Lassiter. John Lasseter, the executive producer of the series, along with his entire creative crew, has woven together an enchanting world where the magic of friendship and self-discovery unfold. The magic of Disney is in the details and once again that magic is all here.

Many DVDs geared towards little ones test the endurance of older viewers. So, it’s a pleasure to be able to spotlight a smart, funny, and positive feature for kids that their older relatives can enjoy along with them. The color, the design, the voices, even the story found in Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast represent Disney at its finest. As the film is gentle, sweet natured, and will cause little ones to use their imagination, it is a perfect picture for parents to share with their little girls – and for uncles to watch with their beloved nieces.

The film is rated G and the themes consist of working together, doing the right thing, caring and sacrificing for others, and appreciating others. The combo pack contains several bonus features.