As We Forgive
by Phil Boatwright

From Mpower Pictures and Image Bearer Pictures, this powerful documentary is narrated by Mia Farrow will be released on DVD October 2009.

FILM SYNOPSIS: A moving story of reconciliation between survivors and perpetrators of the 1994 Rwandan genocide, As We Forgive follows two Rwandan women who come face to face with the men who slaughtered their families and attempted to murder them during the 1994 genocide.

An estimated one million Rwandans were killed and nearly a million widows and orphans were left in the genocide’s wake. Due to overpopulation in Rwandan prisons and national reconciliation efforts, over 50,000 imprisoned genocide inmates have been released in recent years, moving back into communities and villages.  Mpower Pictures and Image Bearer Pictures, in partnership with Prison Fellowship International, have launched Living Bricks, a non-profit initiative that helps repentant genocide perpetrators build housing for their victims' families. Over 10,000 ex-prisoners have started the reconciliation process and have expressed interest in participating.

PREVIEW REVIEW: We are instructed by Christ to forgive others and to love our enemies. It’s one thing if someone cuts us off on the freeway or says something untrue about us. These we can forgive. But, killing our families and not having to serve time for it? Can this forgiving be done of our own volition? No. It takes something far greater than our own understanding. But nothing is beyond our God. He gives us the Holy Spirit to comfort, to speak on our behalf and to guide. A spiritual awakening happens to those featured in this moving look at evil’s savagery and its defeat by love.

Well made, the filmmaker gives us all the dynamics by focusing on the victims’ eyes. And they’ve all been victims. It will move you and broaden your spiritual quest. It demands viewing.

Unrated, it is not for children. Descriptions of murders, shots of dead bodies and the skulls of slaughtered people. But nothing is done to be exploitive, but rather to visualize man’s cruelty when he gives in to Satan’s lies.

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