Faith Like Potatoes
by Phil Boatwright

From Sony Pictures and Affirm Films. Rated PG for thematic elements, the DVD also includes the gripping God’s Farmer, a 54-minute documentary on the real life of Angus Buchan.

FILM SYNOPSIS: Based on the novel Faith Like Potatoes, this inspiring film tells the story of Angus Buchan, a South African farmer who suffers a series of seemingly insurmountable losses, but through an unlikely friendship with his Zulu farmhand and God making Himself known through miraculous events, discovers that the key to healing and learning to accept others lies in his unwavering belief in Jesus Christ.

PREVIEW REVIEW: The unknown cast does a credible job, but what really moved me was the brave yet sensitive presentation of spiritual beliefs. The way the Holy Spirit affects the life of the main character surely will send a message to even scoffers that there must be something other than the mental and physical aspects of life. And the filmmakers even have the courage to represent not only spiritual healings, but physical ones – including the raising of the dead. As Jesus performed miracles, and as God through the disciples also did the miraculous, the film repeats the biblical message that all things are possible…

PG (some beer drinking; before the lead has a spiritual rebirth, he gets angry a lot, even yelling at his beloved wife; he drinks to excess, including getting drunk in one scene and vomiting; the loss of a child).


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