In The Blink of An Eye
by Phil Boatwright

An end-times thriller from Pure Flix Entertainment, In The Blink Of An Eye is now on DVD.

FILM SYNOPSIS: It starts out with a young pop star being held prisoner by a kidnapper and rescued at a price by two police detectives. A grateful guardian invites the two policemen, one a Christian, one not, and their wives to vacation on a private yacht. Onboard, amidst a crime investigation of the young singer’s promoter, who may have been in on the abduction, Detective David Ramsey (David A. R. White) gets stuck in a recurring nightmare. His wife has just accepted Christ as her Savior. A day later, she and the other Christians on the boat go missing. After experiencing this nightmare, David suddenly awakens to find he must repeat the experience. Each day, a few piece of the puzzle are collected, giving David a realization that his wife and friends have been caught up in the Rapture and he has been left behind.

PREVIEW REVIEW: Taut, unnerving and strangely captivating, it’s a low-budgeted movie with a profound message. Sound performances, and by film’s end the viewer is left with the feeling that the subject should be discussed with believers and the film should be shown to those unaware of biblical prophecy.

Though biblical scholars may raise an eyebrow at the thought of a person reliving the Rapture until he accepts Christ, the parable touches a nerve. It reminds us that during these quickly changing times, the possibility of Christ’s soon return may be inevitable. I felt uneasy by film’s end and needed to give thanks to God for His mercy, and wanted to immediately witness to non-believing friends. Sometimes we Christians need to be reminded of spiritual urgency.

Nicely filmed in the beautiful Sea of Cortez, the DVD includes a “making-of” featurette and a commentary track. Definitely worth viewing.

David A. R. White, Andrea Logan White, Lonnie Colon, Erick Roberts. Pure Flix Entertainment. Written by John Macy, Byron Jones, David A.R. White, Russell Wolfe. Directed by Michael Sinclair. Not rated, it does contain some violence, including people getting shot to death and the subject of people disappearing because of the rapture may frighten little ones.