Apostles of Comedy - The Movie
by Phil Boatwright

FILM SYNOPSIS:  The film fuses together the stand-up work of four award-winning comedians (Ron Pearson, Anthony Griffith, Brad Stine and Jeff Allen), not only spotlighting their quirky humor, but also giving an inside look at their private lives as they share their journeys of love, faith, hope and forgiveness.  The DVD releases nationwide via First Look Studios on September 9, 2008.

PREVIEW REVIEW:  With the success of the Thou Shalt Laugh DVD releases, the marketplace has seen the light – there is room for Christian comedians.  The Apostles of Comedy: The Movie blends interviews and testimonies of stand-ups Ron Pearson, Anthony Griffith, Brad Stine and Jeff Allen (also featured in Thou Shalt Laugh).  There are some very touching moments, balanced by laugh-out-loud routines.

For years I’ve been complaining about the gross-out humor of most comedies.  Like the desensitizing amounts of violence in action films, comedies seem to push the envelope when it comes to crudeness.  Indeed, I fear a generation will assume all comedy comes from anatomical and scatological riffs.  The Apostles of Comedy remind us that true wit usually reveals human conditions and often gives insight concerning what to embrace and what to avoid in daily life.

While Thou Shalt Laugh and its follow-up Thou Shalt Laugh: The Deuce have something for just about every member of the family, The Apostles of Comedy: The Movie seems more suited for the parents of teens and little ones.  That said, I would not fear to have kids in the room.  There’s no off-color humor and kids are often more perceptive than we give them credit for.  Viewing such a movie with their parents may widen their horizons in a positive way.  Little ones will no doubt have to ask questions – but parents won’t be embarrassed to address them. 

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