The Odd Couple - Season Two
by Phil Boatwright

SYNOPSIS: Can two divorced men share an apartment without driving each other crazy? That was the perfect premise of THE ODD COUPLE: THE SECOND SEASON, now available on DVD in a five-disc set that includes all twenty-three hilariously witty episodes featuring Felix (Tony Randall), the prim, compulsively clean and fastidious photographer and Oscar (Jack Klugman), the gruff, sloppy sportswriter. The conflicts are obvious and endless, as each upsets the other's way of life. The collectible DVD set is packed with behind-the-scenes special features.

PREVIEW REVIEW: Earlier this year, Paramount sent me Season One in order that I might comment on the extras included in the package and to remind myself of the show’s merits. I accepted it because I wanted to make sure it wasn’t too risqué before bringing it to your attention. And, I’ll admit, I wanted it. The show is very funny. And I relate. I’m a bit of a Felix myself. Oh, the character is extreme, but like Felix, I believe neatness counts.

I was glad to see that the series has stood the test of time. There’s generally a moral to each episode and even after all these years, it’s still funny. Now, season 2 (1971-1972) has been released. And while I am disappointed that there are no bonus features, I think the episodes are even funnier. The first year of the series was filmed, like they do a movie. During the second season, the producers began taping episodes before a live audience. This makes a big difference in television comedy. The actors are energized by studio audience reaction. It simply lifts their performances. The live audience/three camera format also makes the show more intimate, as if you were attending a play.

CBS DVD/Paramount Network Television.
Starring Tony Randall Jack Klugman
Running Time: 586 minutes DVD 9.
S.R.P.: $42.99 ($49.99 in Canada) 4 discs