Every Second Counts
by Phil Boatwright

Rated PG, this new to DVD family drama from Hallmark Channel concerns a teen cowgirl coping with her family’s financial difficulties and her desire to go to college. Set in beautiful rural Washington state, surrounded by lush mountain ranges, the girl and her father are rodeo champions. Now with a lame leg, the father pushes his daughter to be all she can be in the rodeo rink. And though well intentioned, the father makes a few bad choices that nearly bring the family’s finances to ruins. The film deals with dreams and setbacks, guilt and character-testing. Though we’ve basically seen the same storyline in every girl-and-her-horse melodrama, the cast is sincere, the locations breathtaking, the story engrossing and the messages sound. Though not in the same league as National Velvet, it’s well made and worth the rental.

Starring Stephen Collins (7th Heaven) and newcomer Magda Apanowicz the film was produced by actor Robert Vaughn (The Man From UNCLE), written by Arthur Martin Jr., Barbara Kymlicka, Kevin Commins and Mr. Vaughn. It is directed by John Bradshaw. Rated PG, it may be disturbing to little ones, as a horse dies and the sometimes tense financial situations cause bickering between husband and wife. But the film presents a positive marriage and good family relationships.