by Phil Boatwright

FILM SYNOPSIS: Jerusalem tells the story of the city many people call "the heart of the world." And for our Christian faith, we all know how special and significant Jerusalem is. Told through the interconnecting stories of three young women, a Jew, a Muslim and a Christian, share how the celebration of their faith is enriched by the city's spiritual energy and its thousands of years of history.

PREVIEW REVIEW: A true mosaic of cultures and beliefs, Jerusalem has been the most fought-over piece of land in history, having been conquered over 40 times. Vividly presented in IMAX, the 43-minute tour of the city on the hill is a gorgeously filmed travelogue, the filmmakers successfully capturing its religious and historic relevance. Educational and spiritually rewarding, Jerusalem is a must see!

Not rated at time of screening, I found nothing objectionable.