Axel: The Biggest Little Hero on DVD
by Phil Boatwright

ARC Entertainment releases AXEL: THE BIGGEST LITTLE HERO on DVD, June 3, 2014.
Voices: Ed Asner, Tim Curry, Matthew Lillard, George Takei. Director: Leo Lee.

FILM SYNOPSIS: AXEL’s always been a hero in his own mind.  Unfortunately, in real life he’s just another mischievous little boy who pulls pranks while his village runs out of food. One day, he has a vision of a mystical grove of cactuses that could feed his people for years. Determined to save the day, AXEL and his best friend JONO embark on the journey of a lifetime where they must fly through magnetic valleys, escape an evil robotic lizard king, and put up with a brave but headstrong young Princess.  

PREVIEW REVIEW: This is for the little, little ones and I’m pleased to say, it should be very satisfying for that demographic. Pleasant voices; vibrant colors; non-taxing movement and editing; action-infused exploits; comic moments to lighten up the frequent perilous situations; and life lessons concerning what makes a real hero.

Is it something parents would watch on their own? No. But they might be pleased with the production simply by seeing their moppets becoming engrossed in the cartoon adventure. And they might just get a few chuckles out of it, as well. I did – and I haven’t been a moppet in quite some time.

Running Time: 83 minutes
Rated PG for some scary images, perilous action sequences and mild rude humor such as a flatulent ostrich/robot. 
Genre: Family, Animation