by Phil Boatwright

To be released October 20, 2009, this family aimed, faith-based drama focuses on Clancy Miller (Christina Dawn Fougnie), an abused 12-year-old who runs away to keep from getting taken away by social workers. (Though her mom is a mean drunk who hits her kid and, later we discover, has burned her with cigarettes, the child shows mercy and love for her abusive parent). Out on the streets, she meets up with Nick (Jefferson Moore), an ill-tempered, homeless veteran moved by the girl’s sweet spirit and trusting faith in Jesus. Meanwhile, a corrupt mayor (J. Robert Bailey), desperate for re-election, privately offers Nick a reward to keep the missing girl out of sight for a few days; the mayor’s secret plan: to “find her” in grand fashion in an attempt to gain favor with the voters.

PREVIEW REVIEW: Jefferson Moore has made a moving tale, one that touches the spirit and reminds us to love the unloved. The writer/director also stars in this low-budget film and unflinchingly signals the need for faith. His film effort serves as an alternative to the more cynical, harsher films prevalent in today’s movie theaters.

Not a perfect film – a slow-moving montage where the male lead considers the experiences of the past few days nearly grinds the action to a stop – still, the premise of the prosecution and the sincerity of those involved touches the right cords. It reminds us that the simplicity of childhood is often profound.

Not rated, the film contains themes of child abuse and some violence, but the filmmaker handles the subject matter with discretion. Though suitable for the entire family, parents may have to explain some things to little ones and they may be upset by the death of a child. The running time is two hours and the suggested retail price is $19.99. Would serve well in church video libraries. Clancy can be purchased at most Christian bookstores.