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Is War Room a Movie or a Sermon?
One thing we’ve come to rely on when watching a film by those pastor-com-moviemaking Kendrick Brothers in Georgia is a resonate story wrapped around a noble lesson.
Movies and the Changes in America
These societal tamperings, be they social, political, economic or cultural, occur on a daily basis, systematically leading to values being reevaluated. And though some of the revisioning is good, much of it just seems good. People aren’t paying attention to that which affects not just their lives, but their afterlife.
How Would I Advise Christian Moviemakers?
I want to find merit in every film I critique, especially those proclaiming Jesus as our Savior. But I’m hard to please when it comes to movies about faith.
Movies That Salute Our Vets: Lest We Forget
Despite the rough language and brutal wartime action, I chose these two selections because they contain profound statements. And their violence clarifies the horror of war while indicating the necessity to battle evil in order to preserve the good.
What Do John Wayne and Lost in Space Have in Common?
When I was a boy, I saw some horror movie that gave me nightmares, leaving me scared of the dark for months. It was so bad I’d cover my head with the blanket at night
Bad Words Won't Make Your Ears Bleed
And as you well know, words that were once considered offensive are now pretty much a part of how your fellow classmates complete a simple declarative sentence. Maybe, you too. So what’s the big deal? They’re just words, right?
Where Was God? a question that will come up in each life, for at some point we all have or will experience ordeal of some kind. During those moments a person feels vulnerable, alone, and God seems so quiet. That’s an unsettling thought, I know, but it’s true. No one gets through life without problems.
Are Faith-Based Films Becoming Too Socially Correct?
I have no hostility towards these well-intentioned filmmakers. However, after viewing these two productions, I’m reminded of how important it is to know the Bible, not just a storyteller’s concept of it.
The Best Film of the Year Didn't Get Made
Matters of the spirit are unseen by eyes that don’t view with faith. But there have been films more successful with addressing the question of how one comes to forgive monsters.

Read Preview Editor Phil Boatwright's expanded review of Exodus: Gods and Kings for Baptist Press.
Do Faith-Filled Films Make You Feel Guilty?
Ever wish you could push a button and go back in time to that moment that defined your character? Oh, how that would change your world if you could just go back and alter your decision.
This is not a review. I simply wanted you to know why I refused to see this film. Although I’m a fan of many films from the horror genre, I do have my limits as to what I will support.
Believe Me
Not unlike today’s church services themselves, Believe Me is not your father’s church movie. The leads are seen drinking and heard swearing, and for the first 51 minutes, they flimflam godly folks with all the nefarious skill of the Ocean’s 11 protagonists.
Are You Cheating Yourself?
The best special effects are not found in computer-generated imagery, but in the story, characters and performances. The most endearing films can, like biblical parables, nourish the spirit rather than just throttle the nervous system.
The Spirit of America in the Movies
The 4th of July is here and many will celebrate with fireworks and mattress sales. But you know that’s not the true purpose of the holiday. With this day, we commemorate not just our Independence, but the character of our Nation. And along with history books, many movies have given examples of the true spirit of America.
America's Future in the Movies
Arrogance, misuse of power, and an acceptance of all things hedonistic have caused one world-changing nation after another to sink from glory to mediocrity. Is it America’s turn? If you’ll take the time to study our history through the cinema, you’ll discover that the makers of movies have laid out a map of secular America’s destiny and it doesn’t bode well for its citizens.
Jesus and His Movies
Admittedly, “Jesus” movies aren’t my favorite. It’s indeed a case of the book being better than the movie...
A Reviewer’s Second Thoughts on Noah
The failings of this film do raise this question: Should we Christians support a Hollywood Bible epic? Or any film, for that matter?
The Old Testament, Hollywood Style
Whatever the makers’ incentives, the fact remains that we have a production dealing with an Old Testament man of God and another theatrical release built around the Savior of the world. Seldom do we see biblical tales playing in cinema.
Noah and the Son of God
Whatever the makers’ incentives, the fact remains that we have a production dealing with an Old Testament man of God and another theatrical release built around the Savior of the world. Seldom do we see biblical tales playing in cinema.
My Last Word on Bad Words
Well, I’ve ridden this pony about as far as it will go. I don’t like crude, obscene or profane language in my entertainment.
Abortion and the Movies - Surprise!
Have you noticed there are few, if any, movies concerning an unexpected pregnancy where planned abortion prevails? Why is that? Hollywood is basically pro-choice (interesting euphemism), so why the reluctance from Tinseltown to address unwanted pregnancy with a pro-abortion slant?
MOVIES: Artistic and Technical Merits vs. Content
The cinema at its most sagacious was once used effectively as an illusionary art form meant to suggest and imply. Those days, evidently, are long past.
TCM airs a special tribute to its longtime host, Robert Osborne
For film buffs and fans of the Turner Classics movie channel this is a must see. Alec Baldwin (yeah, I know, but he’s in a good mood here) hosts a conversation with Osborne, the program premiering Monday, Jan. 6 at 8:00pm (ET/PT). It will be followed by a night of four films hand-picked by Mr. Osborne
Horror Movies and the Christian
Well, it’s that time of year when haunted houses suddenly spring up in shopping malls, every cable network either runs classic fright flicks or “Halloween” rip-offs or new made-for-TV attempts to further utilize the macabre and the grotesque.

A new morality is clearly existent in our society, and too often this new definition of right and wrong overrides a film's positive messages. But few seem to mind the entertainment world's rejection of biblical principles. Why? Along with all this change in the culture, have we changed along with it?
The Real Kirk Cameron Won't Fool You
During a recent phone chat with Kirk concerning his newest theatrical release, Unstoppable, I felt that I got to know the man, not just a filmmaker pushing a new project.

Read Preview Editor Phil Boatwright's interview with Unstoppable's Kirk Cameron in the The Baptist Press.
Movies Can Help
There’s a great deal of racial disharmony in our nation. While some see America as a land that offers justice for all, others maintain that bigotry still colors our perspective. And the movies don’t seem to be helping. Wait, wait, some are.
Some Alternatives to This Summer's Movies
It continues to frustrate this Christian reviewer of movies that most of Hollywood’s productions aren’t just devoid of spiritual relevance, but that those making them seem determined to deliver just the opposite.
The Lone Ranger Isn't So Alone, Partner
Along with saving the world from that other alien I know a great many B-westerns used the Native American as little more than props, but the best of the Wild West Oaters emphasized how the world thought of America: vast, and full of mystery and promise.

Recently I viewed a powerful documentary called "Honor Flight." Indeed, it is one of most stirring documentaries I've ever seen. Focusing on four World War II veterans, the film spotlights an organization bent on saluting the remaining members of the "Greatest Generation."

During the month of January, the Cineplex usually becomes the dumping ground for movies that were decidedly not Oscar contenders. Sometimes Hollywood’s discards populate the theaters during the months of February and March, as well. But this year a new trend has begun…
Les Misérables - Political or Spiritual?
First things first; how’s the film? The highly anticipated movie opens Christmas Day and in my view it is the best film of the year.
Spiritual Lessons at the Movies - and on TV - and at the Theater
It’s been a fairly satisfying month for your intrepid film reporter as the movies (and the theater) produced several offerings that not only entertain, but also feature spiritual insights.
America's Parents Hire Soulless Hollywood as The Babysitter
It must be pretty rough for you parents. You both work or share custody, and Hollywood is the affordable babysitter. But that babysitter is more than a slacker who checks out your bedroom drawers. That babysitter is secular, hedonistic, and cultureless.
The Best Game Show Since Jeopardy
Contestants compete based on their knowledge of the Bible. Utilizing current pop culture as well as historical references, questions are drawn from both the Old and New Testaments.
Where Are The Westerns?
This summer the Cineplex is crowded with a plethora of roughhewn comedies, several-too-many horror-thrillers, and a cascade of caped crusaders. But yet again, the cinematic landscape is bereft of the Western.
Who Do You Hope to See in Heaven?
Besides friends, family, and foes, you would expect a film-buff Christian to be looking for movie stars amid the celestial saved, right? And I admit, I’m hoping for John Wayne and Elvis to also be there...
The Creation Theory is Ridiculous - Or Is It?
Okay, for argument’s sake, and just for a moment, let’s say the Creation is impossible. That leaves us with the other possible explanation for our existence: the Big Bang Theory and Evolution...
The very first motion picture to win an Academy Award®, the silent film Wings, will return to screens for a rare presentation May 2 and 16, 2012. Presented by Paramount Pictures, Wings was meticulously restored to give fans the chance to view the visually stunning epic in pristine condition.
The Movie Reporter's Spellchecker
Three times during my professional writing career I’ve asked my dad “I’m not making much and I’m not sure I’m having any impact. Should I give it up?” To which he responded each time, “No, this is what you do.”
Forgotten But Missed
So, the other day a young woman asks me about movies. During the conversation, I brought up the actress Katherine Hepburn. She had no clue as to who Katherine Hepburn was...
A Film Critic's New Year's Resolution
“If a critic hates a film I usually like it.” You have no idea how often I’ve heard that declaration of disdain...
AFI’s Master Class – The Art of Collaboration with Steven Spielberg and John Williams
One of the most prolific and influential artistic collaborations in films history – the four-decade friendship and working relationship between filmmaker Steven Spielberg and composer John Williams...
Horror Films and Teens
Well, Halloween is upon us and if you’ve noticed nearly every cable station has paid tribute to the holiday...
Horror Movies and You
Thought-provoking horror movies are few and far between. And I'm not sure any of us realize the true purpose or affect of horror movies on our psyches. Don't be quick to write off the "garbage-in/garbage-out" theory. We are bombarded by a great deal of media influence, much of which doesn't feed the soul.
Horror Films and Women
Some will defend the escapism value of the horror film, while others steadfastly maintain that it is a genre with a demonic impact. Here’s something we should consider: like all living things, the spirit of man needs to be nourished.
You and Horror Films
The enduring roller coaster proves that people of all ages like to be scared – so long as there's really nothing to fear.  Well, the horror genre has lasted throughout the history of movies, with just that agenda – to scare the Sweet Tarts out of us.
The 7 Deadly Movie Sins
I love movies. They combine the essence of all the other art forms, enabling storytellers to express joy and sadness, nobility and fear, love and hate, passion and romance, and hope and faith, sometimes all in the same film...
Your Movie Reporter Spotlights and Sounds Off
This month your intrepid movie reporter found three subjects to explore. Let’s see if I can do it in 750 words (the recommended maximum length for internet columns, I’m told).
The Greatest Miracle
It reminded me of the importance of worship and getting ready for worship..
The Moosehead on the Wall (26 Good Movies - From A to Z)
The moose head on the wall and other expressions of days gone by now seem antiquated, but movie art is timeless. Each generation of filmmakers has made movie moments that reflect both their outer surroundings and the changeless inner spirit of mankind. Below are a few samples of movies that should not be overlooked...
The Other Moosehead on the Wall (Part 2
Last month I wrote a piece entitled The Moosehead on the Wall (26 Good Movies – From A to Z), which concerned the relevancy of older movies and reminded that each generation of filmmakers has made movie moments that reflect both their evolving outer surroundings and the changeless inner spirit of mankind. I then listed several films that substantiated my assertion. I received a great response and thought we might do a Part 2.
Memorial Day: The Best War Movies
With this list of films, we attempt to pay tribute to those who gave the last true measure of devotion. Thank you veterans and those now serving in the military.
New Hollywood Heartthrob is a Christian
With a Beatles haircut and a voice that lulls the birds, 16-year-old Justin Bieber has taken the music community by storm (not to mention most teen and preteen girls). So much so, Paramount Studios has given young Mr. Bieber his own movie, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never.
What to Expect From Summer Blockbusters: NOISE
Though many of these films are well made, thrilling and even contain a positive message or two, overall, they are chaotic in their execution. Some aren’t so good, with the special effects designed to mask a deficient story or minimal character development...
Film Critic Asks, "Should I Relate to Moviegoers?"
"Like the industrial age before it, the information age has changed our lives in monumental new ways, including how a lot of us are learning about spirituality. Research suggests fifty million people will rely solely on the Internet—indeed the new Roman Road—for their faith-based experiences in 2010".
Casablanca and the Christian
Hopefully, after this full-out explanation of my love affair with this, the second best film ever made (IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE gets my vote for best film), those who have an affection for the film will see what I'm trying to do when I recommend it.
Movies - Are They Good or Evil?
If you don't remember the time, your grandparents will. I'm speaking of an era when movies were a no-no. Like wearing makeup and playing pool, the good Christian wasn't supposed to go to motion pictures. Nowadays very few preach against movie-going. Maybe they should.
Troubles? You Think You've Got Troubles?
Each of us seeks the cottage with the white picket fence, that restful abode by the shore where love is present and strife is beyond the sea...
A Note From Your Reviewer
The wonder of movies is that one picture will reach one person, while completely mystifying another. A film critic is merely giving an opinion. But as my purpose is not to promote a movie, neither is it meant to condemn.
Family Friendly Films Aren't Always
Over the past several decades, the media has simmered society in a stew of moral ambiguity, excusing their offenses with “Hey, it’s only a movie.”
Is This Day Better Than YesterDay?
Great science fiction always has a prophetic parable at its core.  With either satire or irony, good science fiction can cause audience members to leave the theater not just exuberated by roller coaster thrills, but uplifted by thought-provoking concepts.
Where Do We Draw the Line?
A respected friend of mine won’t support a film starring John Travolta due to his association with Scientology.  And because of her stand, she’s perplexed as to what to say when her children are begging to see the new Disney animated movie, Bolt, which stars Travolta. 
Are Movies Signalling the End Times?
Ever since the Garden of Eden, the soul of man has been under attack.  At no other time in mankind’s evolution, however, has God’s written direction been so disavowed by such powerful mediums - that of television and the motion picture.
What Bugs a Christian Film Critic?
Here are three things that spring to mind: overused technical gimmicks, feeble writing, and subversive attacks on our Christian faith.  These irritations were well represented in movie fare this past year.
Great Animation Aims at Adults and Children
Recently, a poll was taken on Yahoo spotlighting great animated features.  While most were deserving of such regard, I found several missing from the list.  So allow me to add several that Yahoo Users must have forgot.
Teens and the Movies (Part 1)
I'm often asked to suggest DVDs for teens. Here's the predicament; not only do I have to find quality films that might amuse those of a generation behind me (well, two generations behind me), I also have to search out movies that don't contain something that someone will find offensive. (Try doing that.)
Teens and the Movies (Part 2)
Part two of my predicament: today's high schooler is courted by movie studios predominantly with two film genres – the teen comedy and the sci-fi adventure. Alas, the teen comedy is usually full of crudity and often wit found sophomoric to even sophomores.
FAMOUS LINES FROM FAMOUS MOVIES…When Dialogue Was the Special Effect
Often today's films abandon story and character for instant gratification designed to numb us for the moment. Indeed, with the onslaught of computer-generated effects and ear-piercing digital sounds, moviemakers sometimes pulverize rather than entertain.
Moments in Utopia
There are seven marvelous moments that dwell nicely in my memory from a recent visit to the set of the Robert Duvall/Lucas Black upcoming film, Seven Days in Utopia. Those moments have affected this man's soul...
A Critic's Confession
For the past twenty years I have been reviewing films from a Christian perspective - offering the synopsis and content so parents and concerned moviegoers could decide if the new releases were suitable for their viewing.
Is Jesus A Myth?
The public is bombarded by media fables with today’s dream weavers using one allegorical figure after another to solve the riddles and frustrations of life....
Hallowed Be Thy Name
I attended the press screening for the highly anticipated action adventure SPIDER-MAN...
Star-Struck Reviewer
I was somewhat star stuck at the recent press junket for Brad Pitt’s new movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, a fantasy/drama about a man who ages backwards.  No, not at meeting Brad Pitt.  He wasn’t even there.
Happily Ever After - Does It Exist?
This newest release from Disney Studios puts a delightful spin on the happily-ever-after story, with the mean old queen casting the lovely princess into a portal that takes her to a decidedly non-fairytale world New York City.
Secrets Of A Film Critic
A tongue-in-cheek interview of Phil Boatwright, Editor of Preview OnLine. Not for the faint of heart.
Spiritual Awakenings in the Movies
Occasionally, a motion picture comes along that conveys a profound concept significant for Christians. Allow me to suggest a few films...
Profanity in the Movies - What's the Big Deal?
Most critics reward movies for their technical and artistic qualities, while at the same time ignoring the effect of movie content on the culture.
Christ-phobia in the Movies
The word “phobic” has crept into our vernacular, attaching itself to any perspective that seems intolerant to the lifestyles or agendas of others...
Words Are What We Live By
With the recent opening of director Judd Apatow’s Funny People, filmgoers are once again bombarded by raunchy situations and words that make the ears bleed. I amend that statement. Words that used to make the ears bleed.
Did Jesus Prefer Chicken or Beef?
Although The Da Vinci Code is declared fiction by both author and filmmaker, the combined efforts of those artists have resulted in taking the spotlight off Christ’s divinity...
New Distribution for Christian-Themed Films
Whatever the reason, films with Christian themes are popping up sporadically at your nearby cineplexes...
Manners, Respect, and Family Return to Movies
Courtesy, civility and family togetherness are foreign to many due in part to a lifetime of media choices. Indeed, you’ll find very few movies or TV shows that cultivate these qualities.
The Best Movies of 2015... So Far
I keep hoping we’re going to see the art form return to the real special effects – story, character and performance. Also, wouldn’t it be nice if moviemakers stopped dumbing down and crudding up the culture with their products’ content?
A Critic’s Favorites From the 21st Century
We film reviewers are not an easy bunch to satisfy. We look for originality, for proficiency, for heart. Story, performance, dialogue and visual majesty also play a role in our critiques.
A Critic’s Favorites From the Golden Age of Hollywood
We’re so bombarded by new entertainment from so many sources that it’s easy to forget classic films.
And the Oscar Goes To...
Read our reviews of 2015's nominated films, updated with the winners...
Eight Movies Hard to Watch...
But Worth It

Most of us are looking for escape from the realities of life whenever we venture into a movie theater. Indeed, that’s the main duty of the cinema, to entertain us. Occasionally, however, a film can open our eyes to injustice and sometimes even offer ways in which we can correct such wrongs.
Movies of 2014: the Best, the Worst, and the Could-Have-Beens
It’s that time of the year when we critique-ers of movies exalt the films that enlightened, enriched or simply entertained cinemagoers. At the same time, we get out our venom-dipped goose quills and take revenge for all those hours stolen by filmmakers who challenged the theory, “Nobody sets out to make a bad movie.”
The Best Movie Ever Made
The greatest aspect of any film is that which explores the soul of man.
2014 Oscar Winners
This year’s nominated selections for best film were a potpourri of genres and themes, but once again, several of these choices bombarded us with abusive content.
Academy Award Contenders... Faith and the Oscar
With SON OF GOD opening nationwide 2/28/14, I got to thinking; we don’t see many faith-based films from the major studios. That wasn’t always the case. Here are the best-picture nominees over the Academy’s past 80-some years that have candidly represented Christ’s teachings.
Valentine’s Day Isn’t Just For Sweethearts
Shared family quality time and letting one another know how much they mean should also be celebrated each February 14. Hollywood on its best behavior has helped remind us of the preciousness of loved ones. Here are a few examples.
The Best Movies This Critic Ever Saw!
Within these hollowed columns I’ve compiled some essential films that have influenced other filmmakers throughout the years, along with some newer releases that will doubtless do the same for up-and-coming auteurs.
Black History on Film
In celebration of Black History Month, allow me to point out some films featuring African-Americans that have taught as well as entertained.
2014 Oscar Nominations
Six of the Best Picture nominees are deservedly rated R. How The Wolf of Wall Street and Dallas Buyers Club escaped the seldom used NC-17 mystifies this film reviewer. It appears that moviegoers have become willing to be entertained by crudity and graphic abuse.
The Movies of 2013
The Best, the Worst and the Could-Have-Beens
Movies That Salute Our Veterans
With this list of films, we attempt to pay tribute to those who gave the last true measure of devotion. Thank you veterans and those now serving in the military.
2013 Oscar Results
Ten Films of Faith, and More
Faith on film connects with the audience on both emotional and intellectual levels. Indeed, the most powerful expression of visual arts today is that of the cinema. Why? Because moving pictures evoke illusions of reality more convincingly than any other artistic form.
The Movies of 2012
The Good, The Bad, The Might-Have-Beens
Marvelous Movie Moments Amassed by Movie Maven Phil Boatwright
Are you willing to travel with me through time, to before there was CGI or Kristen Stewart, to eras when imagery didn’t batter our brains, but rather made viewers feel good, hopeful, and connected to others?
Memorial Day Weekend - The Best War Movies
With this list of films, we attempt to pay tribute to those who gave the last true measure of devotion. Thank you veterans and those now serving in the military.
Dumb Scenes in Movies
At a fancy dinner, a waiter opens a beautiful door for Jack (DiCaprio). The door reflects the image of a steadi-cam operator.
2012 Oscar Results
2012 Best Picture Nominees - A Mix of Genres and Messages

What Has Become Acceptable to Christian Moviegoers?
A Five-Part Series by Preview Editor Phil Boatwright

PART ONE: "Franky, my dear, I don't give a damn..."
PART TWO: What Hollywood Demands of You
PART THREE: Pretty Girls in the Movies
PART FOUR: Hollywood's Worst Offense - And Ours?
PART FIVE: Where to write – What to write – Is writing enough?

The Best Films of 2011
Some of these entries made my list for the filmmakers’ courage to address spiritual issues, while others simply marveled viewers with their cinematic complexities...
Why These Award-Worthy Films Didn't Make My "Best List"
The following motion pictures were perceptive and entertaining, and would have made my list of favorites from 2011 but for their excessive and dispiriting content.
The Worst Film of 2011
But here’s the reason it has become my least favorite of 2011. The entire production seems built on supposition rather than fact. As directed by Clint Eastwood, it is cynical in its construction.
The Best Films of 2010
Sure, we movie reporters seek payback for time suffered over the past year, but today, let's concentrate on some films that uplifted the spirit, some that gave us pause concerning social and political woes, and a few that were just plain fun.
The Worst Movies of 2010
Going through the list of over 200 pictures I saw this past year, far too many were found to be “ho-hum” not just by me, but by most of my colleagues in criticism.  A few were jaw-droppingly bad.
My Take On The 2010 Oscar Nominations
Many of the films listed have incorporated a moral or life lesson, while some seemed to fill out the list as representatives of genres often overlooked by the Academy (Sci-fi and action adventure). Two of the productions came as close to biblical parables as Tinseltown knows how to relate: "The Blind Side" and "Up."
The Best and Worst Films of 2009
Allow your humble movie correspondent to spotlight a few films I believe uplifted the spirit as well as entertained. Before renting them, please read the reviews and the reasons for their ratings.
Oscar Recap
EXCESS, according to Webster's New American Dictionary is "the amount by which one quantity exceeds another; an instance of intemperance." Well, nobody knows how to do intemperance quite like producers of the Oscar telecasts
The ABCs of Movies - Films That Have Stood the Test of Time...
Here’s a compilation of films that have stood the test of time and those I believe will.
The Best & Worst & the Could-Have-Beens of 2007
Though there are several films whose artistic and technical merits have captured the attention of critics and moviegoers, I wanted to choose a few Bests that uplifted the spirit.
And the nominees are... rated R
The awards ceremony will be held on February 22nd, 2009. Hosted by Hugh Jackman, the live show will begin at 5:30pm (PT) on ABC
Best Films of 2008
At the end of the year, the studios bring out their big guns; the pictures they hope will garner prestige and award attention.   Most of these are not on my list.  The reason? Though that’s where you usually find the best acting, directing, etc., all too often these films dwell on negative aspects...
Worst Films of 2008...and Some Might-Have-Beens
Going through the list of over 200 pictures I saw this year, I found that most received only two out of four stars.  Most of my colleagues in criticism seem to agree with that assessment.  While no one would admit to liking mediocrity, still it seems to dominate the motion picture art form.
Darkness and Dysfunction Rule the Oscars (R)
Throughout last year, the mavens of moviedom gave us a glut of crude comedies, comic-book action threequels, and special effects that overrode story and plausibility.  But as if to repent of a year’s worth of mediocrity and senselessness, in the waning months studios released the works of filmmakers who attempted to examine the soul of man. 
The Best and Worst Films of 2006
Please check their content in my reviews to make sure they are suitable for your family’s viewing...
Genre Greats
It’s a bewildering age, a time of posthaste change in our culture by those who think all reformation is progress. And for many people seeking solace at the movies, only to be blitzed by crudity or mediocrity, the frustration mounts...
Genre Greats 2
More recommendations from Preview editor Phil Boatwright.
Christmas DVDs Old and New
I was moved by Christmas with a Capital C and find it the best straight-to-DVD Christmas-themed film I’ve seen since The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey.
Uplifting Films For Troubling Times
Here are a few films featuring characters enduring and triumphing over hardships. I’ve also thrown a few that will make you laugh. In fact, those three listed contain the most laughs per frame I’ve found in the movies.
Movie Commentaries
DVD audio commentaries are the best thing to happen to movies since Bogey and Bacall...
Movies Celebrating Jesus' Sacrifice
Good Friday and Easter, along with Christmas, are the most blessed events to occur for mankind. I thought I might mention a few DVDs that portray the significance of Jesus coming to Earth, and His sacrifice for the whole world. You may have heard of most, perhaps seen some. All are worthy of an extra viewing.
Movie Valentines for Guys to Give to Their Better Halves
Right off, let me state, fellas, your lady should feel you’ve used a few more of the little gray cells than usual when looking for ways to acknowledge Valentine’s Day. Here’s a suggestion...
Black History on Film
In celebration of Black History Month, allow me to point out some films featuring African-Americans that have taught as well as entertained.
Movies for the 12 Days of Christmas
Compiled by Santa’s little helper, Phil Boatwright. Grab some popcorn balls and enjoy these fun, festive holiday features. 
DVD Alternatives For The Family
Now, there’s no way I can find films devoid of everything objectionable...
Four on DVD
Four faith-based movies on DVD to pass the weekend...
Uplifting Films For Troubling Times
Here are a few films featuring characters enduring and triumphing over hardships...
CHRISTMAS CLASSICS…A list of great Holiday films now on DVD
Grab some popcorn balls and enjoy these fun, festive holiday features!
Movies for the 12 Days of Christmas
Compiled by Santa’s little helper, Phil Boatwright. Grab some popcorn balls and enjoy these fun, festive holiday features. 
Christmas Movie Naughty or Nice List
Well, it’s that time of the year, again.  You know: When Hollywood celebrates our Savior’s birth with animated mice singing Baby, It’s Cold Outside, and the true meaning of Christmas is eclipsed by the obsession of owning an official Red Rider BB gun.
In Freedom’s Cause Puts Christ Back Into History
Audio CD series project the true story of Scottish hero William Wallace and his fight for independence from England.
Viet Nam and Other Interruptions
Experience the madness of war—and the survival of hope—in Thomas William Montgomery’s emotional debut, Viet Nam and Other Interruptions. The first in an ongoing series, this compilation of short stories, poetry, and commentaries honestly examines the effects of war and trauma on the human psyche.
Sisters of Lazarus: Beauty Unveiled
Award-winning actress and producer Roma Downey, best known for her Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated role on the long-running TV series Touched By An Angel, and as the executive producer of the television miniseries The Bible, has endorsed the latest biblical novel by author Paula K. Parker. Sisters of Lazarus: Beauty Unveiled, set to be released September 2.
Songs in the Key of Love
This isn’t so much a review as an appreciation. Still, while music critiquing is a bit out of my line, I’m down with Old Blue Eyes and Lady Ella. Therefore, I am confident in my music medium aplomb.
Like to Read About Movies?
Though I didn’t agree with her on many a subject (she didn’t like Westerns), still she was always an engrossing read. I learned a great deal about my profession by grasping her love of movies...
BOOK REVIEW - Leonard Maltin's 2013 Movie Guide
Fully updated with over 16,000 reviews, including over 200 new entries—and remains the most complete and reliable movie resource guide there is...
NEW BOOK... God Has An App For That!
In the introduction to God Has an App for That!, Dudley identifies two things everyone who wants real answers should know: God cares about our problems and God offers life-changing solutions.
Spotlight On New Book Aimed At Kids...
YESHUA: The King, The Demon and The Traitor, written by Paula Parker and NY Times best-selling author GP Taylor, is the second volume of biblical stories wherein the authors give a poignant, exciting and completely entertaining look at the life of Jesus, from His birth to His ascension.

My friend and one-time co-worker Lorri Allen has written a thoughtful, uplifting 114-page book...

Do You Need a TV Guardian?
“It’s a filter that allows viewers to watch the programming they want… without having to hear the language they don’t want.  That’s different from the V-chip, which just blocks out a program in its entirety if any one part of it is deemed unacceptable.”
BOOK REVIEW: Jolt! Get the Jump on a World That’s Constantly Changing
Cooke, a linchpin in the media industry, has spent the past three decades helping organizations who have hit a wall evolve and flourish...
BOOK REVIEW: Produced By Faith
Along with co-author Tim Vandehey, Mr. Franklin, one of the youngest individuals in this prestigious of Hollywood positions, has written an insightful and uplifting self-help book about how to successfully reveal your faith at your job.
New Book Examines the Christian's Responsibility to Witness Via the Internet
"Like the industrial age before it, the information age has changed our lives in monumental new ways, including how a lot of us are learning about spirituality. Research suggests fifty million people will rely solely on the Internet—indeed the new Roman Road—for their faith-based experiences in 2010".
Elizabeth Taylor (1932-2011)
Like all legends, Ms. Taylor acted in some not so legendary films. But she also made some incredible movies. Here are several of her best.
John Wayne: Movie Icon, American, and Believer
Now, I'm an unabashed John Wayne fan.  A dangerous statement if you desire to be taken seriously as a film reviewer for there has always been a prejudice by many of my colleagues in criticism toward Mr. Wayne's acting style.  However, most film historians proclaim the Duke to be one of the grandest personas ever to appear on celluloid.
TVGuardian: New Solution For an Old Problem
Both from artistic and spiritual perspectives, crude, obscene and profane dialogue in movies and on television has devalued the prose, poetry and power of language. And I think this product should be in the TV-bearing home of anyone who identifies himself as a Christian.
Ancient Mysteries Retold Drawing Advanced Praise From Literary, Liturgical, Music and Film Worlds
YHWH: The Flood, The Fish and The Giant, the first volume of the highly anticipated Ancient Mysteries Retold series by American playwright, Paula K. Parker and New York Times Best-Selling British author, G.P. Taylor, is receiving rave reviews and critical acclaim from leading figures in the literary, film and religious communities on both sides of the Atlantic.
Christian Comic Reaches Out to Prisons and Missions
I first became aware of Michael Jr. by viewing “Thou Shalt Laugh 4,” the most recent in a series of standup comedy DVDs featuring Christian performers...
Veteran Character Actor Becomes Hot Property
Everything old is new again. After more than thirty years in the business, Danny Trejo is an overnight success. The star of the funny but decidedly adult action/spoof Machete, is now being sought after by every filmmaker in the industry.
Frank Sinatra
I will remember Old Blue Eyes not as the archetypical saloon swinger, but as a man who faced life, tasted life and certainly enjoyed life. His victories were so innumerable, they overshadowed the defeats, but everyone, including the rich and famous, has life challenging moments.
Sci-Fi Book Contains Biblical Truths
’m not normally a Sci-fi book buff. I begrudgingly followed the search for Frodo’s ring, and like Narnia’s Pevensie kids, I needed to know what was on the other side of that mysterious closet.
Where Is She Now?
Kathy Garver played elder sister Cissy after appearing in The Ten Commandments (1956) and The Bad Seed (1956)...
DVD Parties
Once a month, send out a note to friends telling them of a video, excuse me, DVD you have chosen to run the following Saturday evening.  Pick out a favorite of yours, making sure it is one that both entertains and edifies.  After all, you will be seeing many of the previous night’s guests seated on your church pew the following morning.
Do You Need A TVGuardian?
"It’s a filter that allows viewers to watch the programming they want… without having to hear the language they don’t want.  That’s different from the V-chip, which just blocks out a program in its entirety if any one part of it is deemed unacceptable."
Do You Love Movie Scores? Check This Out!
I have gathered an eclectic list of movie scores over the years and am now offering them for sale. Even as a kid, I took very good care of my musical collection. No fingerprints, a special record dust cloth used each time the album was played, record needles were replaced frequently, etc. Hence, my record library is filled with very satisfying and still playable music.
Film Rating System Creator Jack Valenti Dies
Retired in 2004, Valenti headed the MPAA for 38 years, having faced both defenders and detractors caused by the rating system’s problematic nature.
Actors Find God's Grace: Book Review of Grace is Enough
It grieves, it angers, it frustrates.  Indeed, several times I just wanted to put it down rather than read of the horrors people can inflict on one another.  Don’t let that description keep you from examining their book, however.  For I believe the remaining chapters will enrich your spiritual walk. 
Walden Media - A Beacon of Entertainment Hope
Hollywood can be a dark place, a land of great creative opportunity, but also one that can eat away at the soul.
Ramona and Beezus and Aslan and the Public School System
Though Hollywood is a land of great creative opportunity, it is also one that can eat away at the soul. But, make no mistake, there are people, and companies, determined to enliven the heart, while also respecting the teachings of the Bible. One such multimedia entertainment company is Walden Media.
New Movie Inspires Hope
...a picture that will build a bridge of hope between the faith-based community and the secular community, using prayer to provide hope to cancer victims and their families around the world.
Who Is Phil Boatwright?
The "authorized biography" of Preview Editor and all-around good guy, Phil Boatwright.
Something Good This Way Cometh
For a change, there’s some dynamic entertainment hitting the movie theaters and DVD shelves...