New Book Examines the Christian's Responsibility to Witness Via the Internet

NetCasters: Using the Internet to Make Fishers of Men is a new book by author and speaker Craig von Buseck. Available from Broadman and Holman Publishers, von Buseck, director of for the Christian Broadcasting Network, discerningly profiles those who are doing the best job of spreading biblical Christianity online. He encourages the church at large to follow their lead and fish for souls in these same rich waters—from blogs and chat rooms to Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and beyond.

"Like the industrial age before it, the information age has changed our lives in monumental new ways, including how a lot of us are learning about spirituality. Research suggests fifty million people will rely solely on the Internet—indeed the new Roman Road—for their faith-based experiences in 2010," says von Buseck.

Foreword by Robby Richardson, Executive Director of the Internet Evangelism Network with the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton
Chapter One: Casting an Electronic Net
Chapter Two: Fishers of Men: Why Cast Our Nets?
Chapter Three: Weaving the Nets: Building Your Internet Presence
Chapter Four: Full Sail at Sunrise: The Daily Life of a NetCaster
Chapter Five: FishTube: Video and Internet Evangelism
Chapter Six: Gathering in the Aquarium: Social Networks and Internet Evangelism
Chapter Seven: Becoming a Master Caster: How Do You Attract the Fish?
Chapter Eight: A New Day in the Marina: NetCasters and the Local Church
Chapter Nine: The Fishing Village: Who's Catching Them?
Chapter Ten: NetCaster Networking
Chapter Eleven: As the Waters Cover the Seas: NetCasting to the World
Chapter Twelve: Go Ye and Make NetCasters

Here's what others are saying about the book:

"I thank God for Craig's willingness, not only to move with the times, but also for his vision to help others to do the same." - Ray Comfort, The Way of the Master.

"NetCasters serves as both a call to effectively utilize Internet technology for evangelism and a road map of how to do that. I appreciate Craig's heart for the Gospel and his grasp of the many opportunities for Christians to share their faith online." - Dr. Sterling Huston, Chairman, Executive Committee, Internet Evangelism Network

"The stories are compelling, and even his introduction to digital technology understandable for nontechies like me. I believe this book will convince many to become 'NetCasters'. Count me in, Craig!" - Lon Allison, Executive Director,  Billy Graham Center, Wheaton College

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