Viet Nam and Other Interruptions
by Phil Boatwright

Experience the madness of war—and the survival of hope—in Thomas William Montgomery’s emotional debut, Viet Nam and Other Interruptions.

The first in an ongoing series, this compilation of short stories, poetry, and commentaries honestly examines the effects of war and trauma on the human psyche.

With a rawness that is rarely seen in literature today, Montgomery tackles not only the issues of post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and self-destruction, but also the dark fantasies and strange longings that motivate even the most ordinary mind.

At times dark and twisted, yet ultimately hopeful, Viet Nam and Other Interruptions offers an unprecedented look at the horrors of war, as well as those who were thrown headfirst into the bloody battlefield. Whether or not you have served your country, the pain, joy, and dark reality of this electrifying compilation is sure to move even the most experienced reader.

Book Two blends itself nicely into the matrix of the first book in the series, complimenting the harsh realities and highlighting the hope and victories found in the small lighted places among the horrors. It is a compilation that will still stun the beginner and intrigue the more experienced reader.

The author has offered that the books are not for children nor the faint of heart, nor necessarily just for those damaged by war. He also advises a proviso that he will not tell which stories are true and which are not leaving it to the reader to work that out; to include what might appear to be sci-fi on the surface. He is currently working on Book Three.

Both books are available at Amazon with the current prices of: $17.06 plus shipping unless you have prime.

From the Author: The greatest harm to the Viet Nam veteran was not Viet Nam.  It was coming home. Ironically, having learned that lesson it has been reversed in the current wars into tragedy and great disruption upon the soldiers by the not coming home, but the repeatedly going back into war.

Readers of my first two books will be shocked, dismayed, humored, revolted, perplexed, even at times brought to tears.  These stories are not for the weak, nor only for warriors and families of warriors or just veterans of Viet Nam.  Several will require more than one reading and upon careful examination, the light will be exposed and God will be glimpsed in the midst of the chaos, the damage, the revulsion--the shadows.