Spotlight on new book aimed at kids…
by Phil Boatwright

YESHUA: The King, The Demon and The Traitor, written by Paula Parker and NY Times best-selling author GP Taylor, is the second volume of biblical stories wherein the authors give a poignant, exciting and completely entertaining look at the life of Jesus, from His birth to His ascension.

Frustrated that so many children today are unaware of parables from the Bible, the writing team began with YHWH: The Flood, The Fish, & The Giant. Volume 1 brought a sense of wonder to some of the great stories of the Old Testament. After good notices and an accepting readership, Parker and Taylor decided Volume 2 would be about the Christ, the Savior of men’s souls. And they wanted to do so from a child’s perspective.

Emmy-award winning director Steve Feldman said of the book, “A rare combination of innovative writing and moving story-telling.” And I can add to that. It’s an easy, yet compelling read. Though written for children between 9 and 13, the style, which encompasses every emotion from laughter to tears, from pain to elation, can be appreciated by most family members