In Freedom’s Cause

In Freedom’s Cause Puts Christ Back Into History
Forget Braveheart, this is the Real Story of William Wallace

Thomson, IL – Heirloom Audio Founder and Producer Bill Heid, the nation's leading producer of audio movies, announced today the newest release in his G.A. Henty series of audio adventures that seek to put Christ back into history. Following the 2013 success of Under Drake’s Flag, award-winning actors, producers, and composers again united to create In Freedom’s Cause.

The newest project tells the true story of Scottish hero William Wallace and his fight for independence from England. It follows a boy, Ned, as he tags along with Wallace and the eventual king of Scotland, Robert the Bruce, and watches history unfold. Wallace is best known to moviegoers as the subject of Braveheart, which was loosely based on Wallace’s heroics.

In Freedom’s Cause features Joanne Froggatt (Anna Bates of Downton Abbey), Billy Boyd (Pippin of Lord Of The Rings), Skandar Keynes (Edmund of The Chronicles of Narnia series) and James Cosmo (Campbell, Father Christmas of Braveheart and Chronicles of Narnia, respectively), as well as a score by composer John Campbell (Lamplighter Theatre, Focus on the Family Radio Theatre, Adventures in Odyssey). It is narrated by Brian Blessed (Return to Treasure Island, War and Remembrance, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves).

Each CD is bundled with curriculum, and each story emphasizes faith and moral values. Heid said history has been sanitized of both elements.

“What we’re trying to do is put faith back into history,” Heid said. “Everything in our world is sort of sterilized and secularized, and the faith of the men has been taken out of textbooks in America and around the world. These projects are all about putting Christ back into history.”

For Heid, the project has another purpose: to give children real heroes and to awaken their imaginations, and also to teach history through a fun and entertaining medium.

“We use the word ‘hero’ loosely, but a real hero isn’t somebody who can dunk a basketball or somebody who can recite a few lines in front of a camera or even somebody who can sing a high note,” Heid said.

History is full of stories of true heroes -- men and women who “risked it all and gave their lives for a cause greater than themselves. These were heroes who showed us what faith, courage and commitment really mean, heroes who – though they were flawed – made the right decisions when the day came,” Heid said.

The projects caught the attention of actor Kirk Cameron, who bought Under Drake’s Flag for his family.

“I strongly recommend this for families looking not only for wholesome entertainment, but a great fast-moving adventure story that brings Christian history to life,” Cameron said. “Our kids need real heroes that put God first.”

Actress Chris Anthony – who hosted Adventures In Odyssey on radio – also was impressed.

“I haven’t been this excited since the beginning of Adventures In Odyssey,” Anthony said.

In Freedom’s Cause is the second project from Heirloom Audio, which last year released Under Drake’s Flag, another historical drama that recounted the story of Sir Francis Drake, who is best known for being the first Englishman to circle the globe and for his role in the defeat of the Spanish Armada.

Both CDs are also available via digital download. Click or more information.

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